The City of Independence Environmental Health Division conducts inspections anywhere food is handled, prepared and served to the public within city limits. Critical violations must be handled within 72 hours. 

Lucky USA, 16390 E. 23rd St. – On July 12, there was no toilet tissue dispenser roll in the restroom, and no hand soap was found at the hand sink in the room with the 3-compartment sink. 

Papa Murphy's, 1531 E. 23rd St. – On July 13, no sanitized water found in pizza assembly area. The ladies room had holes in wall and no toilet tissue dispenser; repeat violation, must be corrected within 72 hours. The hand sink near the 3-compartment sink had a cambro tub on top of the basin, making the sink inaccessible. 

Baskin Robbins, 4486 S. Noland Road – On July 14, inspectors found no sanitizer. 

Chick-Fil-A, 18785 E. 39th St. – On July 17, there was a grease drip formation on the light above the nugget fryer; inspectors will return in 72 hours to see if issue resolved. 

Jack's Donuts, 2400 S. Lee's Summit Road – On July 17, dough and frosting were found without lids or other type of covering. There was no sanitized water in the kitchen. Several food prep items on the counters had dried on food. Every surface in the kitchen was dirty. Swinging doors between the kitchen and sales floor were heavily soiled. Several used single service containers and empty coffee cans were found on a shelf. Toilet tissue was not in the dispenser. The floors under the shelving were heavily soiled. The office had a large amount of trash and clothing items. Shelves behind and below the front counter had a large amount of trash and/or food debris.

– Jillayne Ritchie