Burr Oak Woods Conservation Nature Center is offering the following activities for the month of October. The Nature Center is located at 1401 N.W. Park Road in Blue Springs. All activities are free, but registration is required, unless otherwise noted. Call 816-228-3766 or email burr.oak@mdc.mo.gov. Visit www.mdc.mo.gov/burroakwoods.

• Snake & Critter Feeding Schedule, for all ages. – Discover what’s for dinner at Burr Oak Woods as the captive amphibians, fish and turtles enjoy their feast from 3 to 3:30 p.m. every Wednesday and Saturday. The snakes will be fed Oct. 13 and 27. Walk-ins welcome.

• Special event – What was I scared of?, for all ages, 3:30 to 9:15 p.m. Oct. 7. “Well, I was walking in the night and saw nothing scary. For I have never been afraid of anything. Not very. Then deep within the woods, suddenly, I spied them. I saw a pair of pale green pants with nobody inside them!” (Dr. Seuss) Join us for an unforgettable evening out on the trail as the tales and characters of Dr. Seuss come to life and help us to get to know some of the strange creatures that call Burr Oak Woods home. (Trail tours scheduled every 15 minutes and lasting 45 minutes with the last tour departing at 8:30 p.m.)

• Missouri’s Creepiest Residents, for families, 1 to 3 p.m. Oct. 14. Join us for an afternoon of fun and learning as we take a look into the world of a few Missouri animals that many find creepy. If we take the time to get to know them, we will discover the important role that each plays in nature.

• Babes in the Woods: Nature’s Unlovables, for babes under 36 months, 10 to 11 a.m. Oct. 17. They slither, they crawl and sometimes scare us all. Dispel misconceptions and discover how to safely introduce your babe to these often unloved, and yet important wild animals.

• Soup & Fable, for adults, 6 to 8 p.m. Oct. 19. The autumn leaves and the boundless stars will be our only canopy during this unforgettable dining experience as we savor the bounty of a wild autumn harvest, sip warm and wild native teas, and then sit back with a wild edible dessert to listen to tales around the campfire.

• Sensory Nature Walk, for all ages, 1 to 2:30 p.m. Oct. 21. Challenge your-self to explore nature in a different way. Join a naturalist as we set off on a sensory nature walk that will use all five of our senses; touch, smell, sight, sound and taste. No registration required.

Notice: Burr Oak Woods will be closed to the public Oct. 28 and 29 during the scheduled Youth Managed Deer Hunt.

– Jillayne Ritchie