The following items were taken from the Sept. 23 through 29, 1967, Examiner.

• Carl Mackie will become foreman of the mechanical department, and as such he will be director of employment for the composing room, press room and stereotyping department. The new foreman came to The Examiner from Lexington, Mo., Advertiser News and has been in the printing business more than 20 years.

• Independence five-man combo, The Classmen, with Drew Dimmel, 19, as leader and arranger, has hit the national big time. Their hit “Julie” got on the top 40 survey, and last Friday it hit the 24 slot. The recording was cut at the Cavern Studio here, in an underground chamber of the Pixley rock mines.

• The franchise for operation of the Mode O'Day store at 111 W. Lexington on the south side of the Square has been purchased by Ruth Ricker and her sister, Dorothy Ricker. The purchase was made from Juanita Harris, who had operated the store for a year and a half.

• Furniture and other items, many of them antiques from the old James W. Renick home, 724 N. Main, are scattered all over a wide area as the result of a sale Mrs. J. Renick Jones held last week. Some of the historic items from both the Renick and Jones families went to the Jackson County Historical Society.


The following items were taken from the Sept. 23 through 29, 1917, Examiner.

• The Stone Church was formally dedicated Sept. 23. The sermon was preached by President Frederick M. Smith. The building was accepted by Benjamin R. McGuire, presiding Bishop of the church, who will hold it in trust for the church. The main building was constructed 29 years ago, the cornerstone was laid on April 6, 1888, by Joseph Smith, at that time president of the church, and others. Recently, the towers have been completed and much other improvement made in the building, at an expenditure of several thousand dollars.

• Here are some answers said to have been taken from school examination papers in a neighboring state: Geometry teaches us how to bisect angels; a blizzard is the inside of a hen; a vacuum is a large empty space where the pope lives; a circle is a round straight line with a hole in the middle; sixty gallons make one hedgehog; the stomach is just south of the ribs; a mountain range is a large cook stove; gender shows whether a man is feminine, masculine or neutered; Pompeii was destroyed by an eruption of saliva from the Vatican.

• What girl in the country or in town isn't more than anxious to “do her bit” for Uncle Sam? The best place for the American women and girls to do her bit in her own home is saving the waste, with conservation of clothing, health, time and energy. Miss Louise Stanley, in charge of a short course in home economics in Columbia, is offering instruction and practical work in cooking, sewing, house sanitation, home nursing, first aid, household management and the like. The only expense is being away from home for seven weeks plus a few small laboratory fees.

• The Missouri State Fair at Sedalia, opened Sept. 22 and will close on the 29th. Yesterday was “Patriotic Day” and a pageant “America” was given. Louis Gertson, with a military biplane is attracting much attention from the visitors. Jackson County is represented in the horticultural exhibits by a collection of fruits and vegetables sent from the Jackson County Farm at Little Blue, by L.R. Toliver, farm superintendent for the county.

– Jillayne Ritchie