The following animals are available for adoption at the Regional Animal Shelter, 21001 E. Missouri 78. Call 621-7722 or visit If you have an animal control problem, call 325-7205.


Wylie, male terrier mix, 7 years.

Jade, female Akita mix, 5 years.

Jay, male bulldog mix, 5 years.

Charlotte, female pug mix, 5 years.

Buckley, male Jack Russell mix, 4 years.

Jules, male St. Bernard mix, 4 years.

Django, male Great Dane/bulldog, 2 years.

Seabiscuit, male, Margo, female, boxer mixes, 2 years.

Chewy, male Chihuahua mix, 2 years.

Arianna, female terrier mix, 9 months

Bo, male terrier/shepherd, 3 months.


Angel, female short-hair, 12 years.

Honey, female short-hair mix, 7 years.

Wynn, female short-hair, 6 years.

Beatrice, female medium-hair, 5 years.

Potato, female Siamese mix, 5 years.

Anna and Rye, female short-hairs, 3 years.

Alfred, male short-hair, 3 years.

Origami, female short-hair, 10 months.

Shadow and Patch, males, 6 months.

Romeo, Lester, Brad, males, 5 months.

Moxy and Bagheera, males, 4 months.

Ally, Mirage, Luisa, Melissa, females, 4 months.


Maple, white and orange female, age unknown.


Foo Foo, medium size, black female, age unknown.

Emerald, large, black and brown lop eared, 1 year.

Delilah, large, white and gray lop eared female, age unknown.

Mac Daddy, large, brown and tan lop eared male, 1 year.

There are 63 dogs and puppies, and 129 cats and kittens available for adoption.