Volunteers will converge on 25 homes across the area from 8 a.m. to noon Oct. 7 to “Plant Independence – One Yard at a Time” for people with disabilities. The Whole Person, a nonprofit center for independent living, is Planting Independence by providing assistance with general yard work to consumers of The Whole Person in both Kansas and Missouri. The Whole Person is partnering with volunteer groups to mow, rake, weed and plant vegetation in the yards of people with disabilities.

Yard maintenance can be difficult for people with disabilities to manage. This opportunity helps individuals with disabilities get a handle on their yards and avoid unnecessary fines from the cities where they live. This is an excellent opportunity for our volunteers to give back, be outdoors, and build a stronger community through their service to those with disabilities.

For more details on the “Planting Independence” initiative, contact Terri Goddard, Resource Development Manager at 816-572-0497 or tgoddard@thewholeperson.org or visit TheWholePerson.org/how-to-help/planting-independence.