The Jackson County Public Works/Environmental Health Division conducts inspections anywhere food is handled, prepared and served to the public for cities other than Independence.

Blue Springs

Rancho Grande Cantina, 501 N.W. Jefferson St. – On Sept. 27, dishes stored on the clean dish rack had dry food debris and sticker residue; corrected.

Blue Springs South High School Softball Concession, 1200 S.E. Adams Dairy Pkwy. – On Sept. 28, a container of hot dogs to be reheated was stored in the cooler several days over use by date; discarded.

Lee's Summit

Jack in the Box, 951 N.E. Sam Walton Lane – On Sept. 22, the sanitizer was too weak in the sanitizer bucket. Cut tomatoes on the make-ready table had no dates and the employee didn't know how long they were out. The microwave had a large build-up of food residue inside.

Waffle House, 1699 N.E. Douglas St. – On Sept. 28, inspectors noticed open employee drinks in a reach-in cooler. Mugs/mug storage had a build-up of splashed/spilled food; corrected. Ground meats were stored above whole meats; corrected.

Konrad's Kitchen and Tap House, 302 S.W. Main St. – On Sept. 28, an employee was observed drinking from an open cup during food prep that did not have lid nor straw, then placed it on a shelf above the hot holding unit. Chemical spray bottles were hanging on the side of a shelf where food and food contact surfaces are held. A plastic bottle of powdered garlic had tape around it.

Super 8 Motel, 607 S.E. Oldham Pkwy. – On Sept. 29, yogurt held in the reach-in cooler had an internal temperature of 50 degrees; food was discarded and temperature settings were adjusted. A spray bottle of cleaner was not labeled.

Panda Cafe, 927 N.E. Woods Chapel Road – On Oct. 2, a can opener had a build-up of food on it; corrected. Foods in the reach-in cooler were being held above 41 degrees; potentially hazardous food was moved from the walk-in cooler to reach-in within the past 2 hours and they were allowed to move it back to the walk-in, re-inspection required.


Los Compas Mexican Restaurant, 9055 E. M-350 – On Oct. 2, inspectors observed bottles of unlabeled chemicals. Food in the reach-in cooler was being held above 41 degrees; food had been panned from walk-in cooler within last 2 hours, so they were allowed to returned the food to the walk in.

Sugar Creek

Sugar Creek Elementary School, 11424 Gill St. – On Sept. 26, the reach-in cooler had an ambient air temperature of 55 degrees; all potentially hazardous foods were discarded, re-inspection is required.

– Jillayne Ritchie