In keeping with Beta Sigma Phi 2017-2018 theme “In Touch with Tomorrow” our sorority programs this year are focused on “A Wish for Tomorrow.” Each member is putting their own spin on what this means.

So far we have learned a member’s “definition of a bucket list,” how in each stage of your life your bucket list may change, actual items on member’s bucket lists, a member’s desire to learn more about the five generations in her family and her desire to stay in touch with current trends within the 5 generations and how a member always wanted to be a teacher and has realized her goal by teaching while performing her work in nursing.

We started out this year by receiving our beautiful new yearbooks. They keep us informed of upcoming sorority events and allow us to keep notes during the meeting. Luckily we had a wonderful committee that did a fantastic job. We also received our certificate for being a 3 Star Chapter.

We are continuing our service within our community by donating items to the Back to School Fair with Grain Valley Community Service League, and collecting items for the children at Children Mercy’s East. Five members along with husbands, significant others, daughters, son-in-law’s and grandson participated in the Susan G. Komen walk to support Breast Cancer. In November, we are collecting items to donate to the Grain Valley Community Service League to help families prepare a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner.

Our socials so far have been very unique and a lot of fun. In August, we traveled to “Camp Outback” (home of Linda and Jim Ebert at the Lake). Believe it or not the water was too cold to do our normal playing in the water and riding the ski do. Instead, we played games at the dock, had a picnic and still had a blast! The weather was perfect and we got to go on our annual boat ride (courtesy of Jim).

In September, we ventured to the Exit Room in Lee's Summit. One group Ventured into the “Surgery” Room while the other tried to solve a bank robbery in “The Heist.” The challenge is to make it out of the room within 60 minutes. Both groups made it out (with lots of free clues given.) This was very challenging and we had a blast! Then it was out to eat at Llewellyn’s for dinner and drinks. In October, we showed our artistic talents painting Scarecrow face and Santa Face on old fence wood at Riggidy Jig Jig. We also had our annual Preferential Tea at Henry’s Tea Room in Lee's Summit. We learned about “Calling Cards” that were used between 1837-1901. Debbie Woods had some examples from her grandparents.

At our October meeting we exchanged “Orange Thing” gifts with our Secret Sister. Once again all the gifts were unique and there were no duplicates. We also voted for our Valentine Queen. Congratulations Bobbie Brubeck! We will celebrate her reign in February.

In the upcoming months we will be visiting Shatto Farms, doing cookie decorating and of course celebrating the holidays (eating lots of goodies.)