The City of Independence Environmental Health Division conducts inspections anywhere food is handled, prepared and served to the public within city limits. Critical violations must be handled within 72 hours.

Dollar Tree, 16801 E. 23rd St. S. – On Nov. 7, items were still being stored in the mop sink and the back room storage area was still in disarray; re-inspection on Dec. 7.

Mr. Goodcents, 3801 S. Noland Road – On Nov. 7, multiple meat and cheese products were found between 48-59.5 degrees. There were no paper towels in the hand sink paper towel dispensers. The meat cooler on the prep line was out of temperature.

Pizza Hut, 2411 S. M-291 – On Nov. 7, all sanitizer buckets were expired.

Cosentino's Sunfresh, 18001 E. U.S. 24 – On Nov. 7, the paper towel dispenser was empty; inspectors were informed by the manager that they were using cloth towels to dry their hands. Manager was educated as to why cloth towels are not to be used for this purpose and dispenser was filled.

Qdoba Mexican Eats, 18921 E. Valley View Pkwy. – On Nov. 7, dirty gloves were found in the basin of hand sink on the cook line.

El Volcano Mexican Grill and Cantina, 17110 E. U.S. 24 – On Nov. 8, an employee washed her hands in the prep sink. The hand sink on the cook line was blocked by a trash can and was inaccessible.

Gold Lion, 2411 S. M-291 – On Nov. 8, several pounds of fried chicken were between 93-115 degrees; all chicken was discarded and denatured. The reach-in cooler outside of the kitchen area had an air temperature of 45 degrees, the cooler was overflowing with food, so several pans of food were moved to other coolers to create air flow. Raw chicken was stored above eggs; corrected. Multiple cutting knives were stored between the wall and prep table in back; corrected Rice utensils were sitting in stagnant water; corrected.

China Wok, 17911 E. U.S. 24 – On Nov. 14, paper towels were not in the dispenser in restroom.

Queen Taco, 11721 E. 23rd St. – On Nov. 14, products on and in the prep line cooler were between 52 and 58 degrees.

Rheinland Restaurant, 208 N. Main St. – On Nov. 14, multiple mayonnaise containers were being reused for other foods. Paper towels were stored in a container on the hand sink.

Burger King, 11500 S. 23rd St. – On Nov. 15, the paper towel dispenser in the women's restroom was not dispensing.

Tokyo Star, 19321 E. U.S. 40 – On Nov. 15, product in the make table cooler was slightly out of temperature; discarded and temperature of unit was adjusted. Cut meat was found in empty cans. Bus tubs of pork and chicken were found on the floor; discarded.

Cathay Express, 15411 E. U.S. 24 – On Nov. 16, inspectors found no sanitizer or sanitized water was in the facility.

Wing Lee Chinese Restaurant, 910 Atherton Road – On Nov. 16, sanitized water could not be found on the cook line or prep area. Heavily soiled scoops bowls and utensils were found throughout the prep area and kitchen. Soap was stored next to potatoes. The dipping well was not running.

Mandarin House, 1643 W. 23rd St. – On Nov. 20, no sanitizing water was found on the cook line.

King Wok, 4376 S. Noland Road – On Nov. 27, inspectors found veggie fried rice at 116 degrees; discarded. They were making crab rangoon in dining room; food in the walk-in was left uncovered; duck sauce tubs were being re-used to hold shrimp sprouts and teriyaki; rice spoons were sitting in stagnant water (repeat); 5. Reused Hunts ketchup cans and other cans were being re-used to hold sauce peppers and oil; uncovered tubs of food were found in the reach-in cooler; and no date labels were on any of the food. There was no sanitizer made up in the kitchen.

Golden Corral, 19120 E. Valley View Pkwy. – On Nov. 28, an unlabeled spray bottle of chemical was found in the ware washing area.

Old Mexico, 1032 E. 23rd St. – On Nov. 28, both the yellow and white queso were at 87 degrees. There was uncovered food in the walk-in; there were no date labels on any food containers; a container of tomatoes was stored under chicken drumsticks in the walk-in; containers of salsa in the reach-in were uncovered; 4 separate containers of dirt and plants were found in the kitchen and dish washing area; uncovered containers of liquid and food in the bar cooler; and a moldy container of beans in the bar cooler. Inspectors found no sanitizer in kitchen. Cockroaches were found during inspection; facility voluntarily closed and is calling pest control operator.

Secrets Lounge, 12949 E. U.S. 40 – On Nov. 28, cloth towels were found lining the bottom of the make-table cooler. There was no sanitized water in the kitchen.

Villa Pizza of Independence, 106 Independence Center Drive – On Nov. 28, calzones, Italian wings and buffalo wings were not being held above 135 degrees. The prep cooler was 46 degrees; must be at 41 degrees or below. There was grease build-up on the dough mixer; repeat. No date labels were found on any food; repeat. Cutting utensils were in dirty water; corrected.

Independence Events Center, 19100 E. Valley View Pkwy. – On Nov. 29, the hand sink was blocked by a cabinet.

– Jillayne Ritchie