Santa Claus never had it so good.

Santa has a fleet of drones dressed in red suits

ready for all to drop off gifts and toys.

Down the houses with chimneys.

Look out below and turn all fireplaces off at midnight.

No one wants scorched gifts and toys.

Santa and Reindeers fly to the houses with chimneys

where drones are delivering so everything goes well.

There good at what they do. Santa and reindeers are set

free from loosing gifts and turning over the sleds, he's carefree.

Drones make deliveries at the doors where there are no chimneys.

They become bell ringers. One ring, then on to another porch.

Santa Claus, Santa Claus, what would Christmas be without you

once-a-year and Christmas trees.

We which Santa and Drones a speedy trip back

to the North Pole and Drone Land.

Be on your way, until we see you again.

Merry Christmas to all of us here on earth,

and a happy 2018 New Year!