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A friend, bemoaning the state of contemporary child-rearing, spoke of her 11-year-old granddaughter who travels to school alone on a public bus and calls or texts her mother when she boards the bus, gets off the bus and again when she arrives at school. The grandmother was ambivalent about this situation, on the one hand deploring the degree of monitoring involved, on the other hand regretting that we live in a time that seems to make it necessary.

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You know, Sunday is the best day of the week.I am not referring to Super Bowl Sunday or really, any sports activity. I am speaking about the Sabbath day, the day the Lord gave us, as a gift.Sunday should be a day of rest, a day of...

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If there's one thing you've probably learned from your doctor and the experiences of others, it’s that, if you catch serious medical problems early, they can often be treated.This is precisely why routine preventive screening tests...

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People in the United States walk the least of any developed nation. The average American takes about half of the recommended 10,000 steps per day with just 5,117. To give it some perspective, an average city block is equivalent to 200 steps, and...

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On March 20, millions of Americans will celebrate the “Great American Meatout,” an observance designed to promote awareness of the vegetarian lifestyle.While people become vegetarian for many different reasons, one thing...

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When Leonard Nimoy, 83, died last Friday from complications related to chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, he left a legacy on-screen and off. Spock was Captain Kirk’s logical, emotionally restrained Vulcan advisor. Mr. Nimoy enjoyed...

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In case you needed further proof that cats and dogs rule.

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Finally, March has arrived! Will it lead us into spring? It always has to a greater or lesser degree.

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Folks up in the North like to laugh at those of us down in the South over so many things, but the biggest kick yall seem to get out of us has to be over our reaction to snow. I probably ought to make an attempt to speak your variety of English, so...

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Im currently obsessed with all things coconut. So when my pal Ellen Brown shared this cauliflower soup recipe with me, I was thrilled to see coconut milk in the list of ingredients. Its a great alternative to soy if you want to avoid cows milk.

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You know how it works. You date several people for a while, then you finally find that special person. The one who understands you like no one else does, makes your heart flutter and has become your best friend. So you decide to get married. You...

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