A man who allegedly robbed a bank on U.S. 40 and was later arrested at a casino was indicted Tuesday.

Joshua A. Hoover, 33, of Kansas City, was charged in an indictment handed down by a federal grand jury Tuesday in Kansas City. Tuesday’s indictment replaces a federal criminal complaint that had been filed on Feb. 23.

Hoover is charged with robbing the Arvest Bank at the 8900 block of U.S. 40, just west of the Independence border, on Feb. 22.

According to court documents, Hoover approached a bank a teller and told her “Give me $5,800 or I'll shoot you in the face.” The teller retrieved that amount, counted the bills into a withdrawal envelope, and Hoover fled on foot toward Blue Ridge Cutoff. According to police, the teller said the robber never removed his hands from his pockets, even while taking the envelope, and she never saw a weapon.

According to court documents, Hoover then ran to the Stadium Cuts business on South Blue Ridge Cutoff in Independence. A barber on Blue Ridge Cutoff told police that Hoover came in out of breath, saying he had just run from work and wanted a haircut during his lunch hour. After having all of his hair and beard cut off, Hoover purchased a hat for $20 and then changed clothes in the shop’s bathroom, the barber said.

Hoover later told investigators that he had stopped a person near the barber shop and requested a ride to an area near his house. As he was being dropped off, he gave the driver several $100 bills from the bank robbery.

After the FBI released photos of the robber, it received several tips identifying him as Hoover. Investigators soon learned Hoover had been seen at Ameristar Casino, and he was located there the next day preparing for a poker tournament and was arrested. He had $2,115 in cash, $2,000 in poker chips, a $1,000 gaming voucher and a preferred member players card.

According to court to documents, Hoover admitted to the robbery, which he had decided to attempt because he gotten into a financial jam after recently losing some jobs, took out a bad loan and had a chronically ill son at home. He said he intended to launder the stolen money at the casino.