ACADEMIC HONORS: Class rank - 2; three-time academic letter recipient; Bright Flight scholar.


• Who was your most inspirational teacher and why? My most inspirational teacher is Mrs. Allison. She teaches AP Psychology and Dual Credit United States History, which are two classes I have thoroughly enjoyed during my senior year. Mrs. Allison encourages us to think fluidly, as the world is constantly changing around us, and to examine the actions of others with a sense of perspective, as their situation and environment may have developed them differently than your own.

• What college do you plan to attend and why did you choose that school? I am attending the University of Missouri-Columbia. I am excited to attend Mizzou because it has a beautiful campus and gives me the ability to experience an environment very different from Oak Grove. I also enjoy the fact that Mizzou will provide me with a myriad of majors that I can choose from. I am undecided as to what path I plan to take in life after college. I hope to find a situation in which I am filled with passion and fulfillment, and to discover what my overall purpose may be.

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