Some are teenager dads and some are old dads. Whatever the age, they all become dads forever. No cancellation. Great and happy days are here again with their babies. Little fingers and legs, and soft trusting eyes. "See me and take care of me, and yes give me everything, and lots of toys. Play with me, but most of all love me 24/7. Raise me like the man you want me to be when it comes my time to be a Dad."

Grandfathers take on the role of all roles. They've all been there, and had patience and time to play and they loved it.

They just don't want to send the grandkids home after playtime and they keep them on their minds. Directing them on to their destiny, cars, money and educations. They give and give; we can't live without dads or grandfathers. The sun never sets mentally, the sun always comes up. Daddy or Grandpa.

Thank you to dads for all you've done, and keep on doing it. The greatest father we all have is Father God 24/7.