Trump supporters aren't so vocal

To the editor:

We are in the doldrums as far as the political and the climate are concerned. Those that support the president are strangely quiet and those still talking are having to be creative with their excuses.

Many of the folks out here have enough money to never need a Medicaid safety net, so the latest repeal and replace plan doesn’t hit home with them even though the increase in emergency room visits will contribute to be more of the same in terms of health care costs. Some of us on the progressive side are saying that all of the hyperbole used against the Affordable Care Act could easily be used against the repeal and replace plan. It is a disaster before it even becomes law.

One thing is becoming clear, the administration does not represent all of the people.

Charles Payne

Lee’s Summit


New ER rule could hurt families

To the editor:

Consumers for Quality Care, an organization aimed at providing a voice for patients in the health care debate, sent a letter to Missouri’s Department of Insurance, Financial Institutions and Professional Registration expressing our concern with a new policy from Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield.

Since July 1, Missouri policyholders now face a new rule on emergencies – if they go to the emergency department with an issue that is later determined not to be an emergency, Anthem can decide not to cover their visit. As long-time health care advocates, we believe this policy violates the basic tenants of the insurer-patient agreement and provides yet another example of abusive practices that prevents Americans from accessing quality health care.

Missouri’s insurance department responded to our letter by providing options for consumers having issues with emergency treatment or those with questions or concerns about this policy, which we wanted to pass on to patients. Missouri consumers can file a complaint here: Consumers may also call the toll-free hotline at 800-726-7390.

The debate around health care is often contentious and confusing, particularly around the quality of care. We hope to continue to call out anti-consumer practices and to help patients get the real relief they deserve.

Consumers for Quality Care Board

Former Rep. Donna Christensen, MD

Jim Manley

Scott Mulhauser

Washington, D.C.