An Independence man has been sentenced to 10 years without parole in federal prison for illegal possession of a firearm that he fired at a woman and her children.

Senecca Spencer, 41, was sentenced Wednesday in federal court in Kansas City to the maximum penalty after he pleaded guilty in February to felony possession of a firearm.

Spencer admitted that he possessed a 9mm pistol on ammunition on May 25, 2016, when he pointed a gun in the direction of a woman and her two minor children. Spencer had left the residence by the time Independence police officers arrived, but officers found him later that same evening and stopped him in his vehicle near 43rd Street and Phelps Road. During the arrest, officers found a 9mm cartridge in Spencer's pocket and the pistol in the center console.

Spencer also admitted that, while in federal custody, he made violently threatening telephone calls to the woman and one of her daughters to try and intimidate them to become uncooperative witnesses.

Spencer had numerous prior felony convictions: Four for assault with a dangerous weapon; seven for assault and battery; and other convictions for assault and battery on a police officer, armed robbery and possession with intent to distribute or manufacture a controlled substance.