An Independence man faces felony charges after a stabbing Tuesday afternoon in eastern Independence.

Ruben Medina, 57, has been charged with first-degree domestic assault and armed criminal action after he allegedly stabbed his sister's boyfriend in a dispute about Medina's birthday cake at a house on James Downey Road just north of 23rd Street.

According to court documents, Medina learned his sister had made a birthday cake two weeks before his birthday and, he told police, he felt “slighted and disrespected.”

Medina's sister later told police Medina and the victim began arguing about cutting the cake and at one point the victim “flipped off” Medina. Medina said the victim made a sarcastic remark, which made him angry because he'd been drinking beer and hadn't taken his normal diabetic shot, altering his mood.

Medina grabbed a 12-inch bayonet-style knife on display in the living room and stabbed the victim once in the abdomen. The victim and his girlfriend were in a vehicle about to leave for the hospital when police arrived and an officer rendered first aid. The girlfriend initially couldn't give a statement to police because she was hysterical.

After the stabbing, Medina had gone outside and waited for police. He initially said he had stabbed the victim on purpose, then said he trying to scare him. After police reminded Medina that he said the victim did not see the attack coming, Medina admitted that he made mistake but was not trying to kill the victim.

The victim’s stomach wall was punctured in the stabbing, according to court documents, and after emergency surgery he was last reported to be in critical condition.

Bond for Medina has been set at $150,000.