Donna, go by Bundschu's and see the Paris Original! I bought it for you for the “Job Daughter’s Ball.” My mother’s voice was joyful. I had mixed feelings about dancing, our church was against it. I didn’t drink or smoke, but I recall in the Bible where it says there’s a “time to dance” and for all enjoyable things “there is a season.”

I walked inside the store, it was a grand store that held on to traditions. The clerk stood under the shuttle that conveyed money all over the store. It was late, I had better make haste. “Hello," I said, "My mother wanted me to glance at the Paris Original in the window.” “Aw," she said” as she touched the “0” on the large cash register. "You’re Miss Cooley. Oh, that dress was made for you!" She opened the glass, both of us touched the Gold Lame Roses and beige net.

"I wish you could take it home. There are only 3 of these. They were sent to the USA and we drew the lucky number for one. We’ll sell other dresses later from the same company."

I was still Aw-ing as I walked out of the store. I would pick up the dress in a week, I was on Cloud 9.

Just a week later, my Mother, Mary Beth my 5-year-old sister and I picked up the dress. The same clerk said they could have sold 5 more like it. I tried on the dress.

Mary Beth had a giant Teddy bear. We walked over to Knoepker's on the other side of the square. A young man met us. He asked if he could help. I opened the box and he saw the gold dress. He said you want to match this dress with a pair of shoes? He smiled from ear to ear. He sat me down and I tried on a pair of gold sling pumps. Mary Beth chased him with her big teddy bear, and she said, “he bites!” Before I left the store with the Magic Shoes, he asked me for my phone number. I don’t recall if I gave it to him or not. I do recall the dress, the shoes, the gold and rhinestone purse and the lovely fur coat I wore that cold and icy night.

The Pla Mor Ballroom soon closed its doors forever but yours truly “Cinderella” still has the amenities to the enchanting dress. The dress vanished.

The question is did I dance? Yes, I danced and danced and danced and only hoped the wonderful feeling I had would last forever! Did I marry the Prince Charming who escorted me to the Ball? No, but somewhere dancing in space are two young people who haven’t reached their 20s! Oh, this was heaven, no it was not, just the “Fabulous Fifties.”

Aw, such memories!