Firefighters extinguish small fire at tech building

A small fire Monday afternoon forced the north building of the former Summit Technology Academy campus to be evacuated, though no injuries or damage were reported.

The fire was reported at 2:04 p.m. at the Diodes/Fabtech manufacturing area of the campus at 777 NW Blue Parkway, which is no longer in operation. A private environmental contractor was decommissioning and removing equipment from the building, fire officials said, the contractor was using a saw to remove some stainless steel duct work used to exhaust hazardous materials from manufacturing. The contractor tried to extinguish the fire and then called the fire department.

Firefighters contained the fire to a 40-foot section of duct work and had it under control in less than 40 minutes.

Fire officials have not determined an exact cause, but two possible causes are that sawing caused enough heat to cause ignition or that air entering the duct work might have reacted with reactive residue build-up. After the fire was out and air testing completed, all tenants were allowed back in the building.

Summit Tech Academy and the Missouri Innovation Campus moved this fall to a new facility across the street.