A Kansas City-area man pleaded guilty Monday in federal court to robbing four metro-area banks in a span of five months, including two banks in Independence.

Tam Henry Holmes, 57, was arrested a couple days after he robbed the First Federal Bank of Kansas at Noland Road and 35th Street in Independence on April 15. He was charged in federal court later that week. The U.S. attorney's office does not list a home city for Holmes. Holmes faces up to 80 years in federal prison without parole.

In Holmes' April 15 robbery, according to court documents, he went into the bank late in the morning and showed a teller a handwritten note that said, “give me all the money, hurry up, or I will hurt you.” The teller gave him fifties and hundreds, and then she stared at him.

“Hurry up, or I'll do what the note says,” Holmes said. The teller then gave him twenties, tens and fives – a reported total of $4,050. He put the money in his pockets and walked out of the bank.

Previously, Holmes had robbed:

• Nov. 16, 2017, Central Bank of Kansas City at 2301 Independence Ave., Kansas City. Holmes help up a note against the bulletproof glass – the teller said she couldn't read it – and repeatedly whispered “700.” He left with $450.

• April 1, Bank of the West at 850 Missouri 291 in Liberty. He help up a handwritten note that the teller recalled as saying “this is a robbery, give me all your large bills.” He left with $8,300.

• April 3, Greater Kansas City Public Safety Credit Union at 19341 E. U.S. 40, Independence. Holmes went inside in the middle of the afternoon and showed a teller two handwritten notes on yellow Post-It notes. The messages said, “this is a robbery. Don't pull any dye packs, bail or alarms. I know where you live.” The teller removed her cash from a drawer and handed it to Holmes – a reported loss of $12,205.