By the end of January 2018, Kmart's presence in Eastern Jackson County will be nonexistent.

Parent company Sears Holdings announced Thursday that 63 more retail stores will close by the end of that month – 45 Kmarts and 18 Sears stores – including the Kmart on U.S. 24 near Missouri 291 in Susquehanna neighborhood of Independence.

It's the latest round of closings for the ultra-struggling retailers, who have closed the doors at hundreds of locations nationwide in recent years.

This summer, the Kmart at Noland Road and Interstate 70 in Independence closed, and the Blue Springs location closed years before that.

In a release, Sears Holdings said it continues to “right size” its store base and transform its business model so that its stores and digital capabilities match its customers' preferences. Liquidation sales for the soon-to-close Kmarts and Sears will begin soon.