Better policies and legislation can help improve communities, but something more is required, says Craig Kackley.

The founder and lead pastor of Church of the Four Corners in Independence told those gathered for the Independence Mayor's Prayer Breakfast that he believes a some guidance from a higher power is essential for healing and change in communities.

“All of that is good and important,” he said about policy and legislation. “But we believe until there is a spiritual change – a revival where pastors and faith communities rise up and help bring healing and deliverance by pointing people back to God, where real life change happens by the grace of Jesus – true healing will never happen.”

The theme of the Thursday’s Prayer Breakfast, held at the Laurel Club in the Community of Christ Auditorium was “Gratitude: A Celebration of Community.” Kackley, 33, expressed his appreciation for how Independence embraced his new church after he and his wife moved back to their hometown in 2013 and he started Four Corners, a non-denominational church.

He had been working as an associate pastor in Chicago when he and his wife felt called to return to Independence – or rather, “the city of Independence chose us,” he said he later realized.

“My hope is that all of you have that realization of 'This is why I do what I do. I know why God made me,'” Kackley said.

The church's first worship space came courtesy of Truman High School Activities Director Eric Holm, who arranged for the Kackley to use the auditorium.

“He just accepted us and showed us unbelievable hospitality,” Kackley said.

Of late, the church has used Bingham Middle School for worship space and a spot at the Ennovation Center for office space. Now, Four Corners will occupy the former FleaMart building on U.S. 40, which technically is on the Kansas City side of the Independence-KC border.

“We will sign the papers tomorrow,” he said. “I could just go on and on with the ways the city has blessed us.”

Kackley said that while the American dream – the idea that you can accomplish anything you set your mind to – is a great dream, there can be a danger in thinking it is completely contingent upon us.

“God has a great history of using inadequate people to accomplish great things,” Kackley said. “God can use the weak to humble the strong.”