To the editor:

I congratulate Mike Cierpiot on his victory in Tuesday’s election. I do understand that before a politician can accomplish anything, he or she must be elected. Now, however, since Mr. Cierpiot has overcome that hurdle, he must represent all of his constituents in the 8th district, even if that representation conflicts with the desires of the moneyed interests who provided the million dollars that funded his campaign.

Unfortunately, I have little faith in that happening. Failing to distance himself from a fear-mongering commercial that attacked his opponent and was based on a flagrant lie suggests that Mr. Cierpiot was more concerned about being elected than either the truth or what might actually benefit his constituents and the people of Missouri.

I also hold the voters responsible for not demanding better of their candidate. They either were gullible (willing to accept a falsehood because it reinforced pre-existing biases) or they didn’t care, placing more importance on the “R” behind Mr. Cierpiot’s name or a dislike of anyone named Hillary ahead of principle.

Not having the gumption to do what was right during the campaign speaks to high probability of similar behavior in office. I hope Mr. Cierpiot proves me wrong.


Robert Powell