An Independence man was charged last week with child endangerment after his 8-month-old child allegedly ingested methamphetamine.

Jackson County prosecutors charged Christopher Beauregard, 33, after he and the child's mother took the child to Children's Mercy Hospital on Nov. 13, and the baby tested positive for meth from a urine test.

According to court documents, the parents had taken the baby to North Kansas City Hospital and then to Children's Mercy, saying the baby had been constantly crying, scratching its face, had a blue lower lip and shortness of breath. A doctor said the baby showed a possible allergic reaction, itching and “abnormal tongue movements.” Doctors then gave the baby the urine test.

The mother said the baby was fine when she left for work earlier in the day, but a few hours later Beauregard called her and said something was wrong with the baby. She said she did not know how the baby could have come into contact with meth.

Beauregard admitted to police the next day that he had been smoking meth with two friends in the home two days prior, while he was watching the baby and another child. He said that after getting home from the hospital he had panicked and flushed a silicone pipe in the toilet. He blamed himself and said he didn't feel like he paid attention, adding that the baby had gotten into everything that day and he was playing video games.