WHAT: Children's Performing Theatre of Independence presents “Abracadabra, Aladdin,” by Tim Kelly and Pam Hughes (1992) and “Last Stop Till Christmas,” by Pat Cook (2001), both directed by Lila Atkinson and Debbie Culver and produced by special arrangements with Pioneer Drama Service, Inc.

WHEN: 7:30 p.m. Friday, Saturday and Dec. 8-9; 2 p.m. Sunday and Dec. 3

WHERE: Powerhouse Theatre at Sermon Community Center, 201 N. Dodgion St., Independence.

HOW MUCH: Tickets are $8 for adults, $7 for seniors 50-older and $4 for children 12-under. Tickets can be reserved by called 816-325-7367 or purchased at the door.


“Abracadabra, Aladdin!”

WHAT THE SHOW IS ABOUT: Aladdin's mother and sister are trying to get him to stop tricking everybody. Then one day, Aladdin meets Princess Jasmine and vows to marry her. However, he's visited by the evil magician Jammal and Jammal's wicked sister. The greedy siblings know that only Aladdin can enter a secret cave that houses a mysterious lamp. Fooling the pair and taking the lamp for himself, Aladdin wins the princess' love, but Jammal kidnaps Jasmine and takes the lamp. To save Jasmine, Aladdin must regain possession of the lamp. Along the way, the audience meets not one but three genies, the whimpering Ali Bubba and haughty sultan's wife (from pioneerdrama.com).


Character: Actor

Jammal: Danilo Book

Halima: Madison Rasnic

Genie of the Ring: Benjamin Landry

Scheherazade: Haley Thurston

Neela: Adrianne Simmons

Mother: Meredith Peterman

Merchant Woman: Audrey Myles

Neighbor: Tynnley Volrath

Alakazam: Sam Porter

Aladdin: Sam Moberg

Chop-Chop: Connor Pointer

Princess Jasmine: Josie Moberg

Zara: McKenzie Rice

Sheba: Isabelle Porter

Queen Sultana: Kyleigh Hendrix

Sultan: Malachi Deason

Ali Bubba: Drake Bopp

Dragon: Danyell Rucker

Genie of the Jewels: Avery Morton

Genie of the Lamp: Olivia Roberts

Snake Charmer: Candace Stagner

Snake Puppet: Molly Friel

Gong player: Emmie Esch

Cymbals player: Quincie Esch

Merchant crowd buyers: Liberty Malewski, Zoey Wisdom, Natalie Bair

Kids: Ava Taylor, Melodi Wisdom, Heidi Ryun


“Last Stop Till Christmas”

WHAT THE SHOW IS ABOUT: As Angela begins to sing “On the first day of Christmas” as she waits for the bus, the only other person on the bench looks at her as if she's lost her mind. But Angela knows the true meaning of the holiday. Others arrive, all waiting for the bus and all dealing with their own problems. Mr. and Mrs. Loudmouth constantly argue; the shopper has way too many presents left to buy; the long-suffering mother deals with her brat child who wants everything in sight.

All of them just want Christmas to be over. Only Angela feels they are missing the best part of the season – the joy, cheer and color. Suddenly, two city workers place a Christmas tree near the bus stop. Angela takes out an ornament and makes a promise to the others: If they put the ornament on the tree, whatever they wish for will come true. They think she's crazy until one of them tries it and the wish does come true. This warm-hearted one-act show is full of oddball characters and situations, and the audience will indeed find out what really happens on “The Last Stop Till Christmas” (from pioneerdrama.com).


Character: Actor

Angela: Kimberly Kuhlman

Mr. Loudmouth: Elijah McNiel

Mrs. Loudmouth: Haylee Phillips

Mime: Erin Oyster

Shopper: Samantha Hamm

Crook: Abbey Barnhart

Cop: Ben Moberg

Mother: Katie Weathers

Brat: Emma Hite

Joisey: Sabrina Menges

Goilfriend: Shaylee Murray

Grampa: Jonathan Hamm

Gramma: Trinity Hite

Workers: Abigail McNiel, Bailey Scogin

Women: Audrey Hite, Phoebe Barnhart

Man: Andrew Cooper

Bus driver: Isabel Lawrence