A Kansas City man arrested Sunday faces felony charges after Independence Police say he had a sexual encounter with a then-14-year-old girl.

Michael Post, 22, has been charged in Jackson County Circuit Court with second-degree statutory sodomy and statutory rape. He allegedly had sex with a girl he met on Facebook.

According to court documents, police had responded to an Independence residence on July 3 regarding a prior theft. A woman there said a man whom her daughter had invited to the house a few days earlier had stolen several items.

In the daughter's room, police found a note referring to a pimp and cell phone that contained several text messages about sex and a video of the victim engaging in a sex act with a black male. The daughter then told police she was being pimped out as a prostitute and met several males on Facebook and had sex with them – one of them being Post.

The victim's mother said she had spoken to Post on the phone and he admitted to having sex with her daughter.

After he was arrested, Post told police he first met the victim on Facebook in September 2016 and they had sex about a month later at her house. Post said he wore a condom during the encounter, which was the only time they had sex, and had exchanged explicit photos with the victim that had since been deleted.

Post initially told police the victim said she was 17 years old, but after officers showed text messages that indicated otherwise he admitted thinking she was 15. He said he would have left her alone if he knew she was 14.

Post's bond has been set at $50,000. Police say the case remains under investigation.