Lee's Summit fire personnel rescued a dog Friday afternoon after it had become stuck on the Prairie Lee Lake Spillway. The dog was later identified and reunited with its owner.

In a release, Lee's Summit Fire said bystanders had alerted them of a dog stuck midway up the concrete spillway. It would not respond to calls to get it to move. It was not known how the dog got there, though it possibly could have fallen from above. The spillway is just south of Colbern Road, where Lake Jacomo is north of the road. Because of the spillway's angle and surround cliffs, the only way to reach the dog was from the partially iced-over water below.

Fire personnel wearing cold-water rescue suits used a rescue deployment craft to reach the dog below the spillway and put it in a kennel. The dog was cold but did not appear to have any serious injuries, and an examination at the Lee's Summit Animal Hospital confirmed that. The dog had been missing since Thursday night.

Lee's Summit Fire reminded citizens that one should not attempt any type of animal rescue on the ice or in a location that, without special training and equipment, could harm or even kill a well-meaning citizen; call 911 instead. The department also reminded citizens to identify pets by ensuring they have a city pet license and vaccination tag, or identification chip.