A former corrections officers at the Jackson County Detention Center pleaded guilty in federal court Wednesday to smuggling contraband cell phones and other items to inmates at the jail.

Andre Dickerson, 26, of Kansas City, pleaded guilty in federal court in Kansas City to two counts of using a telephone in furtherance of unlawful activity.

Dickerson admitted that he told a confidential informant that he would smuggle two packs of cigarettes, a cell phone and cell-phone charger to an inmate for $500. He met the informant and received the items and payment at a Church's Fried Chicken restaurant on June 2, 2017.

The next day, according to court documents, Dickerson put the contraband on the inmate's bed and discussed a potential arrangement in which the inmate would pay Dickerson $2,500 per month to smuggle contraband to just that inmate on the floor, allowing him to be an exclusive seller.

The inmate smoked one pack of cigarettes and traded the other for food, and that same day detention center personnel found the phone and charger in his cell.

On June 18, a corrections officer found Dickerson's cell phone on the fifth floor control station, and the phone had text messages recording drug deals between Dickerson and inmates. When Dickerson was arrested June 27, he had two cell phones on him while on duty. Corrections officers are not allowed to have cell phones while on duty and in the areas where inmates are housed.

Under terms of the plea agreement, Dickerson is to be sentenced to 16 months in federal prison without parole. Formal sentencing will be scheduled at a later date.

In a related case, another former corrections officer, 30-year-old Jalee Caprice Fuller of Independence, has also pleaded guilty. She admitted to conspiring with others to smuggle contraband into the jail during May and June 2017. Three co-defendants – Carlos Hughley, 32; Marion “Cuddy” Byers, 36; and Jannikkia Carter, 36, all of Kansas City – have pleaded guilty.