The Net Benefit is a campaign to educate Missourians about the importance of meeting their basic needs. Missourians are connected to the food, shelter, health care, and economic support they need to lead healthy lives through a combination of state and federal programs, dedicated professionals, volunteers, and community organizations. When these needs are not met, people's health is negatively impacted.

The Foundation has brought together people and organizations across the state – from educators to health care providers, civic and faith leaders to local community organizations – to highlight that when Missourians' basic needs are met, they have the opportunity to live up to their potential and pursue their dreams.

When Missourians have access to care, they can participate fully in their communities, and many give back to the people and places that once supported them.

The Foundation will be telling the stories of Missourians who have received help during times of need, as well as those who have seen The Net Benefit of looking out for their neighbors. Missourians are invited to share their own story at