More than two candidates running for governor, president

There are more than two candidates running for governor and there are more than two candidates on the ballot for president. For The Examiner and AP to write columns only including views of just two of the governor candidates is pathetic. It is making the news instead of reporting it.

To be informed, turn to the internet. The Missouri Secretary of State site will tell you who is on the ballot. Look up their Facebook or websites.

News reporting is investigative, The Examiner is failing us.

Richard McKie



More awareness of FASD needed

The most common preventable cause of developmental delay/mental disability in the United States is alcohol use by pregnant women. Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) affects an estimated 1 in 20 school-age children and adults in Missouri alone. Among the possible effects are facial features and other physical changes, but the most devastating effects are on the nervous system, causing smaller brains, lower IQ, learning disabilities and emotional disturbances.  

Sept. 9 of each year is designated FASD day. It is a time to spread the important messages about FASD:

Alcohol use in pregnancy will have profound effects on a child. There is no safe time to drink in pregnancy, and no safe amount to drink. Many women do not know they are pregnant until several weeks after conception, and drinking during this time can cause grave effects. Sexually active women who are not using reliable contraception should abstain from alcohol.

FASD is 100 percent preventable, but cannot be cured – once the damage is done, the child will live with those effects forever.

Though there is no cure, early diagnosis and intervention can make a significant difference in the child’s level of functioning and success. If you know of a child you suspect was exposed to alcohol during his/her mother’s pregnancy, take the child to a physician for evaluation.

For more information, contact the Missouri Affiliate of the National Organization on Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders at

R. Stephen Griffith, MD

UMKC School of Medicine, Department of Community and Family Medicine

Board member of Missouri Affiliate of NOFAS