Greitens wrong to cut help to elderly, poor

I read that Gov. Eric Greitens has proposed cutting $52 million from the Missouri Medicaid program that provides in-home care to elderly and disabled too poor to pay for it themselves.

According to the article, these cuts would affect about 80,000 people, making it harder for about 20,000 to qualify for the help they are getting now. The governor has decided to up the score from 21 to 27, so the poor have to show they're poorer than they were before. Makes no sense. Not to mention the loss of jobs for the many dedicated caregivers.

I would like to print several verses or so from a poem by Stephanie Moran.

It goes like this:

We're the old ones who raised up America, we're the old ones who helped her grow, we plowed up her fields, we cut her acres of hay, and we're still doing it today!

We're the old ones who grew with American, we're the old ones who gave her strength, we worked the ranches and farms with the might of heart and arms, and we're still doing it today!

We're the ones who gave birth to America, we're the ones who brought up the kids, we baked the pies, milked the cows, drove the tractors and fed the sows, and we're still doing it today!

We're the old ones who love America, we're the old ones who always worked for peace!

Gov. Greitens, shame on you for even considering these cuts to our most needy people. They have already done their duty, they helped build America.

Judy Wanager

Oak Grove


Please support Fort Osage District in April 4 election

Fort Osage School District patrons will be voting on two important issues on April 4.

The first is Question 1, which is a bond issue that will not increase taxes. This will enable the district to make needed improvements on several items and do some new construction. With the approval of Question 1, the district will construct a new Early Childhood Center on existing land at Elm Grove Elementary. Also, the district will improve the stadium with upgrades on existing restrooms, concession stand and bleachers, and construct restrooms on the visitors' side of the stadium.

Also with Question 1 funds, the district will make the current football field usable to other school groups. The band, little league teams and other district sport groups can take advantage of the synthetic turf. The bond will also provide security improvements to the high school, roof repairs at Blue Hills and Fire Prairie, improve elementary playgrounds and replace 45-year-old freezers at the warehouse.

Question 2 is an operating levy increase of 67 cents that would bring in $1,825,000 annually. The levy will be used for increases in ongoing operating costs, salaries and benefits, classroom materials and supplies, utility costs and transportation costs.

Fort Osage patrons have always supported their schools. Because of cuts in property tax and drastic state withholdings, the district needs for its patrons to continue that support.

Carol Marcks