Yes vote for ISD bond issue is a win-win situation

Residents in the Independence School District have the privilege of voting yes to a no-tax-increase $38 million bond issue on April 4. I say privilege because once again we have the opportunity to partner with our school district in providing the most innovative, stimulating, challenging and comprehensive education for our children. After serving 12 years on the ISD Board of Education, I know the commitment our district has to wisely use the funds available and save the taxpayers money every chance they get. Because of this commitment they are able to run a no-tax-increase bond issue. A yes vote will provide the resources to build another state of the art elementary school in an established neighborhood, alleviating overcrowding in nearby elementary schools. I have experienced the many benefits of having a neighborhood school, both when I walked to Three Trails Elementary as a student, and when my children walked to Glendale Elementary. I am very pleased to see an elementary school going in this established neighborhood.

A vote yes will make improvements to Van Horn, William Chrisman and Truman high schools. New classrooms will eliminate the need for trailers and provide specialty space and equipment supporting our Ford Next Generation partnership and studies. I’m thankful to see our students get hands on experience and training for their careers while in high school!

Please join me in voting yes on April 4 for the no-tax-increase bond issue. This is a win-win all around!

Jana Waits



Vote ‘Yes Yes’ to help Fort Osage District

I am writing you as the chairman of the Yes Yes Committee, as well as a father and husband with a vested interested in the bond and levy vote on April 4. Our family has lived in the Fort Osage School District for nearly 6 years. We moved here because of the wonderful community and the way the schools felt like a family.

I personally believe that Question 1 should be a yes vote from everyone in the community. We can all see the shortcomings of our facilities and it's embarrassing. Both of my children run track for the Eastern Jackson County Track Club and I honestly worry about them getting hurt on the unsafe, diminishing facilities.

A yes vote on Question 2 merely helps us maintain the quality programming and staff we have. We pride ourselves on having great school, great teachers and great students, but that will only last so long as money and positions continue to get cut. We need class sizes to remain the current levels so each student is getting the amount of attention they deserve. We also need our schools staying up with the current technologies so that our students are ready for what comes after their Fort Osage education.

I am obviously very passionate about this vote, but I believe we all should be. This doesn't just affect our schools and our community, it affects our property values. I want my house in my community to be a good investment.

If you are so kind to Yes Yes on April 4, then next time you see a child, give them a high five and let them know you supported them and their education.

Jim Jamis



ISD’s wise use of money warrants yes vote on bond

I am writing in support of the bond Issue which is being submitted to the voters on April 4, by the Independence Board of Education. In my opinion, Dr. Dale Herl and his administrative team have recommended a very comprehensive package to the Independence Board and community. It contains many significant issues which need to be addressed and provides for upgrades and improvements in a number of areas.

The way in which they have addressed the funding issues in the school district through refinancing while wisely reducing the current debt allows them to continue improvements to the district without raising the tax levy through this authorization. I am very happy to recommend this authorization to the Independence community.

Dr. Bob Watkins

Former Superintendent

Independence School District