Rental Ready ordinance needs to be repealed

Well, now we know why the Independence City Council has chosen to ignore the landlords’ requests. The city is being run by Jefferson City politicians. We know what that means. No one in the state Capitol listens to the citizens.

Curt Dougherty, John Perkins and Tom Van Camp (City Council members) were meeting with Rep. John Rizzo last month about code enforcement (see March City Scene) in Jefferson City. This explains the paternalistic thinking of the recent five-year city plan from the city officials. This five-year plan was developed without citizens meetings, group discussions and consensus of ideas. Just, “Here it is. We (the city) knows what's best for you.”

Somewhere hidden in that five-year plan is the “Rental Ready” ordinance. This plan could mean rent increases for renters and is a violation of 38 percent of our citizens’ constitutional rights. If one group has their rights violated, everyone had better pay attention. This is a beginning of bureaucratic force that is unwelcome in Independence.

Repeal the Rental Ready ordinance! When government becomes a self-serving machine, everyone suffers.

Martha Hamm



School measure is a crucial step for better jobs

I’m a parent of a Truman High School graduate. The building had problems even then, and with increased attendance these days I know that most of the schools, in addition to Truman, are bursting at the seams. Add the excellent Academies of ISD to the mix, and I can see a real need to reinvest in the school district. New technologies, better opportunities of student learning and modern facilities are needed.

The Academies represent a pioneering effort by the Independence School District, in partnership with the Chamber of Commerce and many other regional and local partners, to prepare our young people for better jobs in a rapidly changing workplace. With a multi-track approach, students will be able to graduate from high school well equipped for their subsequent careers. To do this well, our schools need equipment, classrooms, buildings and much more in order to meet the needs of the students.

As a community, we have stepped up to support these efforts. I really see it as “workforce development 101.” So it makes sense to endorse and support the upcoming no-tax $38 million dollar ISD bond initiative. The good it will do is almost incalculable. I think we want to do all that we can in regard to workforce development, so I encourage voters to support the ISD bond proposal on April 4 by casting a “yes!” vote.

Brad Speaks



America owes all of its citizens good opportunities

The United States of America is headed toward being a third-world country. A great many things need to be done to reverse this trend. Not the least of these is consideration for the welfare of the citizens. Every citizen should have a clear avenue to reach their highest potential.

To obtain this, adequate health measures should be available, such as “Medicare for all” from birth to death. Then education opportunities, such as tuition for college, free education in the trades and other vocations, including the handicapped.

Currently, it is next to impossible for families in poverty or with low incomes to move forward for their highest potential.

Many countries, large and small, attend successfully to these matters. Our country blessed with all the attributes to make this happen has fallen shamefully behind. There is clearly a separation between the haves and the have-nots.

Wayne Wagner