Urge senators to vote no on Senate’s ‘Better Care’ Act

To the editor:

As many of you know, the U.S. Senate has initiated a health care plan they call “The Better Care Reconciliation Act.” After reading and digesting the words of this plan and listening to many experts, including the Congressional Budget Office, the Republican Senators’ health care plan is anything but “Better Care.” It is far worse than the U.S. House of Representatives’ bill, which is in and of itself a terrible effort.

The Senate’s plan would essentially leave 22 million Americans without access to any kind of decent health care options. It would threaten Medicaid, which so many of our lower income citizens depend on – especially those in nursing homes and the like and also many dependent children.

The plan also includes an “age tax” that would drive up costs for seniors from 3 percent to as much as 5 percent. This increase alone would amount to several thousand dollars in increased health care costs putting seniors at serious risks of affordability. For example, in the state of Missouri 11 percent of our citizens between age 50 and 64 would be seriously impacted by the act. A 55-year-old could wind up paying as much as $7,462 in increased costs and a 64-year-old could pay as much as $12,499 in increased costs. Our seniors just cannot afford these kinds of increased penalties in their health care premiums.

As Congress returns to its Washington, D.C., offices this week, the Senate no doubt will get right to work on their version of this terrible bill. Every Missourian should contact their two U.S. senators – Claire McCaskill and Roy Blunt and ask both of them to vote “no” on this horrendous bill. Sen. McCaskill’s Kansas City office number is 816-421-1532. Sen. Blunt’s Kansas City office number is 816-471-7141.

There is a better way and that is to fix what needs to be fixed with the Affordable Care Act without threatening American citizens’ right to have decent health care access and coverage.

Marvin Sands

National Volunteer Engagement Advisor




Thankful to men who restored AT&T service

To the editor:

I would like to express my appreciation to three AT&T servicemen who worked throughout the night on July 9 to repair U-verse service. A vehicle accident just to the east of Noland Road at Rankin Road had completely demolished a major control box servicing a large area for U-verse. This meant no phone service, TV or internet computer service.

A replacement box arrived from Wichita around 8 p.m. that evening, and Larry Whittaker, Chris Brown and Mark Brahmer worked throughout the night of Monday morning, July 10, until they had everything back up and running about 8 a.m. I understand that this required re-wiring a 900 pair cable.

In addition, they were very helpful in explaining what had happened and what was taking place with repairs, without once appearing irritated with having to work throughout the night. They are a great asset to AT&T, and I am thankful for their expertise.

Lloyd Slaght