President needs to step down now

To the editor:

It appears as if the Republican Party now under the leadership of Donald Trump’s reckless rhetoric has reached a precipice. His ongoing and never ending threats with North Korea have sparked one controversy after another. So much so that his uncontrolled outpourings have placed, not only the United States, but other locations like South Korea and Guam in extreme jeopardy.

Obviously it would very foolish for the North Korean leader Kim Jong Un to send any kind of a nuclear weapon onto U.S. soil for the simple reason that that action would ultimately cause his regime to come to an end with tens of thousands of his people being destroyed in the aftermath.

While this back-n-forth with Kim was going on, what suddenly happens next? Charlottesville, Virginia, and the death of a young legal assistant in a riot perpetrated by white nationalists, the Ku Klux Klan and white supremacists.

What was so disturbing about this, outside the death of this young lady, was the lack of appropriate remarks and the ultimate remarks of Donald Trump, the President of the United States. In his initial comments he failed to blame those responsible for the young lady’s death and the riotous nature of those hate groups. Two days later, he once again failed to point the finger at those responsible for her death and the riots that ensued. A day later and again, he failed to publicly point the finger at those responsible for those heinous actions. Instead he vigorously suggested that those hate groups had “good people” among them and were acting in accordance with their permit. Instead he openly criticized those he referred to as the “Alt-Left” – which doesn’t even exist.    

Now keep in mind, these were hate groups and Trump called some of them “good people.” This question – how do “good people” march in the streets of Charleston with blazing torches and all the while chanting anti-Semitic comments? “Good people” don’t conduct themselves in this manner in any of our communities.

Now in the aftermath of Trump’s inexcusable behavior, several of his economic advisors have resigned their positions to such a degree that Trump has now shut down those committees. What else is equally disturbing? Vice President Mike Pence stands by Trump’s words. Completely outrageous!

What needs to happen now? I think the next step or steps are obviously in order. All his cabinet members, his advisors should immediately resign their positions. Any of those individuals who choose to make the decision to remain in the Trump Administration are not real patriots of this nation and are only thinking of themselves and the power they think they have. In addition, if those members do, in fact, decide to stay in their positions, Donald Trump needs to step down as President of the United States of America.

The United States can no longer accept Donald Trump and his inflammatory rhetoric and actions as its President. This has to come to an end and the sooner the better. Our nation just cannot continue to endure with this man in the White House. He is not what the United States of America is all about and certainly not what our Founders had in mind as a leader of our great country – our democratic republic.

Marvin Sands