City needs to do something about mosquitoes

To the editor:

Mosquitoes are out of control and the city chooses to do nothing. No fogger as in the past.

The City Council wants to give themselves a raise. The city manager already is paid twice too much, so taxpayers say a big “no” to City Council raises.

Independence desperately needs a switchboard operator, a person you can talk to, as the automated voice isn't what you need.

The mosquitoes cause disease, and malaria causes heart trouble and early death. You're tormented by itching and awakened at night, it isn't good for young and old. Leavenworth is using the fogger system and it's cut down on the mosquitoes. Independence needs the fogger trucks rolling again.

Independence also needs to clean out the pipes under driveways that are clogged to prevent flooding of basements. I did ask for help and “no,” the city doesn't help. That cost me hundreds of dollars. The street department told me they had the equipment. So, I pay and they are told they don't have to do it.

I'm a widow and both of our children have died and I only have a grandson, all four brothers. The city should help me. I'm hurt to think they choose not to help. My basement is flooded now and more medicine to take, more than $100. I'm too old to move.

Myrtle Kirkwood



Football is too dangerous to be worthwhile

To the editor:

Football, again, again, again! It's enough to make you think that there is something special about football.

The long article by Michael Smith interviewed a lot of people with their “heads in the sand.” They refuse to acknowledge the truth.

Where is the merit? The NFL data is clear. If you play football you have a 99 percent chance of injuring your brain so that you'll never be all you were meant to be. You'll just be inferior.  

Why would you take time to teach young boys that, “It’s 'not' OK to hit the head?” Don’t even go there! It only takes one time and then a person is ruined for life. Remember, it does not have to happen.

Goodness sake, have you considered track or swimming or any of a number of other worthwhile activities which would make you stronger, smarter, etc. Football is such a waste, and remember, the odds are 99 percent that you will be wasted. What a waste of time and energy so that you can be wasted.

Dwight Heath