Trump’s UN speech may have been worst yet

I know a lot of people are anxious to hear my reaction to the address our illustrious president gave to the United Nations General Assembly. Well, at least two or three are wondering. My friends have told me I should not bother since writing something will have less effect than a fart in the wind.

But, I want the world of electronic impulses where nothing is ever lost to have on record of what at least one human thought of this speech.

Given the state of this Earth and the direction of where a world leader’s speech should have headed, the illustrated man with his finger on the doomsday button was 180 degrees away and headed full speed toward the dark ages. “America First” is absolutely wrong in every way it can be considered. It does not work, it cannot work, and it is not something a powerful country should say to the General Assembly.

Then to compound the colossal error of every man for himself thinking he goes on to recommend that all countries do the same thing. Consider how this is playing out in Turkey and North Korea. Turkey’s Erdogan is already sounding and acting like Bashar al-Assad in Syria. Everyone who does not agree with him is a terrorist and all the polls in Turkey show he is very popular. He is buying weapons from Russia and he wonders why the European Union is not accepting Turkey even when it is a paragon of democracy.

Our insignificant, third fly speck from the sun is in trouble. All countries working together can save it. So what does the lord of the flies pronounce? Put your country first. We don’t need the Paris Accords. Go your own way. Put religion, politics, greed, and yourself first. The United States is so powerful we can take on Russia, Syria, North Korea, China, Venezuela, and Cuba. Never mind the story of Vietnam now playing on PBS.

When the great stories in the sky are written after the Earth drops into the abyss of space and time there will be a footnote that the greatest screwed up speech of all of Earth’s history was given by President Trump.

Charles Payne, Lee’s Summit


Expanding public transportation would allow more participation

I read and enjoy all your articles, but wanted to comment on the one about Mr. (Peter) Kageyama (‘Crazy little stuff’ can improve a city, Sept. 27).

There are tons of little things that would improve Independence, but I would put public transportation at the top of the list.

I have been attending the Disability Advisory Board and trying to get other disabled people to attend but, alas, buses in Independence stop at 5 p.m. The handicap bus has an hour (or more) leeway in picking people up, so pickup for a board meeting could be about the time the meeting is ending. Taxis and uber are much the same, some costing $70 per trip. And unless they have a wheelchair lift, some handicapped people are out of luck. Church is out of the question because they don't run at all on Sunday.

I find it interesting that most disabled people are unable to attend board meetings, city council meetings, etc. How do people get home from work? How do people get down to the Square to eat out, catch a movie, etc. The very expensive townhouses being built on the square will never make Independence attractive to young professionals until the public transportation improves. The younger generation wants to walk or transit everywhere.

Even a two hour later schedule during the week and perhaps very limited hours on Sunday morning would add so much to the shopping, worshipping, meeting attending life of Independence. Just a crazy little thing of a couple of hours a day of bus service could totally change some people's lives and help Independence.

Thank you for listening.

Shelia Shafer, Independence