Vote no on new KCI airport plan

I’m going to vote no on a new KCI airport!

1. KCI needs to be managed by the KCATA and possibly KC Port Authority both having the power to unify the Kansas City region.

2. Please let’s build the commuter rail to all three doors at KCI‘s present airport.

It was designed as an international airport to handle 20 airplanes for each terminal. Ask the KCI board to help build the commuter rail from KCI south to Cerner and North to St. Joseph!

It’s time for the KC region to all ride together and our visitors and convention guests to get around like other major cities.

I hope in the future Mayor Sly James will serve on the KCATA board and act as a mediator or a peacemaker.

There are a lot of young people that will remember the mayor and someday will show their gratitude.

John Ivey, Kansas City

Citizens4Progress, Treasurer


Public transit makes sense for everyone

Congress should defend public transportation funding during upcoming budget and infrastructure debates. The Administration's proposal to slash public transit funding should be soundly rejected.

Our nation continues to grow – and more people must travel on increasingly crowded roads. The best solution for everyone is to support multi-modal transportation networks that make public transit more available and accessible.

Public transportation isn't just for city dwellers. Communities of all sizes benefit from public transportation, and new innovations are helping suburban and rural communities bring efficient, cost-effective public transit to their citizens, connecting more people to jobs, services and education.

Public transit is essential for people who cannot drive. It is also beneficial for people who choose not to drive or want to be able to live without being completely car-dependent. Ultimately, though, we all benefit from public transportation because it reduces traffic congestion and pollution and makes travel safer for everyone.

Congress has traditionally shown strong bipartisan support for public transportation. Lawmakers should recommit to expanding and improving public transit and make sure it is fully funded. Our congressional delegation should reject the Trump Administration's proposed cuts to public transit in the budget, and include public transit investment as part of any new infrastructure legislation.

Kite Singleton, Kansas City

Former chair of Kansas City Regional Alliance