Kansas City Mavericks general manager Brent Thiessen is the ECHL Executive of the Year.

Thiessen, who has been with the popular hockey team since Day 1, received the award Thursday night at league meetings in Las Vegas.

“It’s exciting, very exciting, especially when you receive something like this from your peers,” Thiessen said after landing back in Kansas City this afternoon. “I'm incredibly humbled to be recognized by the league and teams with this award. This honor is a testament to the hard work, dedication and passion of our entire staff, team and fanbase.”

It is Thiessen’s fourth Executive of the Year award. The three previous honors came when the then Missouri Mavericks were part of the Central Hockey League.

Prior to the start of the 2016-17 season Thiessen hired a new head coach in former Mavericks player John-Scott Dickson, who guided the team to a winning season in his first season behind the bench. He also oversaw the name change from Missouri to Kansas City and getting a new National Hockey League affiliate with the Calgary Flames.

“A new coach, a rebranding of the team, a lot of changes, and we made it through the season – even though we didn’t reach our ultimate goal of making the playoffs and bringing a championship to our great fans,” Thiessen said.

“But now, we can look ahead to 2017-18 as the Kansas City Mavericks. We’re excited about putting together a great team for our fans and having a lot of fun and success on and off the ice.”

Off the ice, the Mavericks contributed $375,000 to various charitable causes.

FINAL ROSTER SET: The Mavericks released the team's season-ending roster for the 2016-17 season on Friday.

Season-ending rosters may include up to 20 players but cannot include any players who did not sign an ECHL contract in 2016-17.

Each team may reserve the rights to a maximum of eight players from the list of 20 by extending a qualifying offer no later than July 1. Of the eight qualified players, no more than four can be veterans (260 regular season professional hockey games played as of the start of the 2017-18 season). Players on open qualifying offers cannot be traded. Teams are not required to extend a qualifying offer to players who sign a contract prior to July 1.

The qualifying offer must remain open for acceptance until Aug. 1. Then the team may sign the qualified player to any salary or may elect to take no further action. Teams that extend a valid qualifying offer to a non-veteran player retain the rights to that qualified player for one season.

A team that extends a valid qualifying offer to a veteran player, or to a goaltender who has played more than 180 regular-season games, will retain the rights to that player until Aug. 1. After Aug. 1, if the veteran player or goaltender is not signed to a contract by the team, they will be restricted free agents and able to seek and secure offers from other ECHL teams.

Restricted free agents may not be traded. When a restricted free agent receives a contract offer from a team other than the team with the player’s rights and the restricted free agent wishes to accept the contract offer, the restricted free agent and the offering member must, within 24 hours, notify the ECHL, the team with the player’s rights and the Professional Hockey Players’ Association. The team with the player’s rights will have seven days after the date it is notified to exercise its right to match the contract offer.

If a restricted free agent is not signed to either an offer sheet or a contract by an ECHL team by Aug. 31, the player becomes an unrestricted free agent.