Governor has more important priorities

To the editor:

Gov. Greitens continues to call special sessions for the legislators in Jefferson City. Unfortunately, his priorities are misplaced. Here is what he should focus on:

1. St. Louis, Kansas City and Springfield are all top ranked cities in violent crimes. Address this issue.

2. Our major corporations such as Anheuser-Busch, Russell Stover, Sprint and Boulevard Brewing are now foreign controlled. We are sure to lose jobs.

3. It's almost universally agreed upon that our roads are terrible.

4. We used to have 13 U.S. Congressmen and now only have 8. The population has shifted elsewhere. What can we do to attract people and businesses to Missouri?

We know that the Governor has his eye on becoming president someday. If he really wants to make it, solve these issues and the people will be impressed.

Holmes Osborne



Showcase of the Arts is a hidden jewel for Independence

To the editor:

My friend and I attended the Bingham Arts Academy Showcase of the Arts program. It is held yearly after the students finish their five weeks of study. Some hone the skills they already have. Others try new skills. The program they present is very entertaining and inspirational.

You have not heard a concert unless you have heard “Zippity Doo Da” and the Mickey Mouse song played by six harps. We were taken on a trip back to Petticoat Junction. Dancers did routines to the music of Eminem, now I want to hear more of his works.

The art display in the hallway was super. I especially enjoyed the self portraits made of wire. The artist were all eager to share their talents with all who came to watch. I have been attending these shows for at least 10 years. They just keep getting better and better. This is a real hidden jewel in our city.

Elizabeth Ann McKie



Sign petition to help defeat repeal of low-income housing credit

To the editor:

I am a senior citizen who lives in low-income senior and disability housing. When I moved into my apartment (my home) I made the statement, “I will not move again until I am carried out.”

Now I am concerned I will not be “carried out,” but “forced out” because of the attempt by the current Missouri Legislature to repeal the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) law, which assists tens of thousands of low-income Missouri citizens, like me, in obtaining permanent shelter at a lower rate of rent.

If LIHTC is repealed it will mean senior and disabled citizens, as well as low-income families, will see an increase in their rent. Many will lose their homes because they will not be able to afford the increased rent. And there will not be anymore quality low-income housing built under the LIHTC law is repealed.

A friend, who lives in the same senior housing as I do, created an online petition to fight the repeal of the LIHTC law. We are hoping many more will help us fight this repeal by signing the on-line petition at:  Please help us fight the repeal of the Low-Income Tax Credit law by signing the petition.

Marilyn Miller

Sedalia, Mo.