Some idle thoughts while pondering the state of the world and being thankful I’m an old guy and am not going to be around – hopefully – when it implodes …

• I actually attended a high school game as a fan this weekend and got a big kick out of watching my nephew Jaxon Althaus throw a touchdown in a 29-0 Oak Grove victory over Lift For Life Academy Saturday afternoon on the Panthers’ home field.

I’d forgotten what it was like to actually cheer, applaud and high-five fans when something good happens with your team. And while the Panthers shot themselves in the foot a few times – too many dropped passes to remember and enough penalty flags were thrown (on both sides) to fill Grand Canyon – I had a great time.

My personal highlight came when Jaxon knocked a Lift For Life defender all the way to Grain Valley with a block I didn’t expect to see from a quarterback on a late Oak Grove touchdown run.

I may be talking like a proud uncle, but I’m also telling the truth.

The PA announcer mentioned the block before he called out the name of the Panther who scored the touchdown and Mr. Oak Grove – Randy McClain – came down after the game and gave Jaxon one of his vice-like handshakes while congratulating him on his block.

It was a good day to be an Althaus.

• The Kansas City Royals have two homestands left this season, and if you want to catch the possibility of seeing Mike Moustakas, Eric Hosmer and Lorenzo Cain in Royal blue for one last time, you might want to check out the guys who made baseball fun again in the metro area.

I’m crossing my fingers this trio of stars will find a way to forgo the massive paycheck for a healthy Kansas City paycheck and remain with the Royals. Hosmer is the face of the team, Moose is the fiery leader and Cain is among the best outfielders and No. 2 hitters in all of baseball.

If they all three come back, every fan in Kansas City should write general manager Dayton Moore and owner David Glass a thank you letter. If not, well, the countdown is on.

• It’s going to be interesting to see how Blue Springs, the No. 1-ranked big class team in the state, performs Friday night at Park Hill after blowing a second-half 17-13 lead in a 22-17 loss to Fayetteville, the No. 1 big class team from Arkansas.

If you could pick one game to lose, it might be that one because you’re never going to see members of the Bulldogs at the gas station or parking lot and they have won two state titles in a row.

It was also Fayetteville’s first game, so the Cats had no recent game film to study and they pride themselves on knowing every little detail about an opponent.

But the Wildcats lost star running back Cade Musser to a shoulder injury – he swears he will be back next week – and they were outmanned on the defensive and offensive lines, which I didn’t think was possible.

Personally, I believe they are going to run the table and win the state championship this season, which will make Friday’s loss nothing but a distant memory.

– Bill Althaus is a sports writer and columnist for The Examiner. Reach him at or 816-350-6333. Follow him on Twitter: @AlthausEJC.