Remy and Tiffany Davenport jokingly talked about playing basketball with each other in college. But the younger sister Tiffany had other ideas.

“We talked about her coming to my school, but she always wanted to do her own thing,” Remy said of Tiffany.

Remy, now a senior in college, started three years for the University of Nebraska-Omaha women’s squad, and put up good numbers and even broke a school record.

But after receiving her marketing degree from UNO, she said it was time to move on. She also wanted to reunite with Tiffany, too.

“Once I was done at Omaha, we thought (playing together) could actually happen,” Remy said. “(Tiffany) was pretty excited (when she told Tiffany she was transferring to Truman State).”

Remy decided to play her final college season at Truman State University, where Tiffany is playing in her first year as a freshmen. This will be the first time the sisters have played basketball with each other since they were on the Blue Springs South Jaguars during the 2013-14 season.

“I was at a point where I had to make a decision on what to do next,” said Remy, who is partaking in a masters leadership program at Truman State. “I wanted to move on to something new and decided I wanted to pursue a masters. I wanted to play my last year of basketball and if possible, do that with my sister.”

The twosome had impeccable chemistry while on the Jaguars. During that time, the Davenport sisters had plenty of special moments together, but one in particular stood out to Remy.

“It’s kind of easy to play with each other because we know where the other is going to be on the court,” Remy said. “She always knew where I was, and I always knew where she was.

“We were down by three late in a game in St. Louis,” Remy said. “Our coach drew up a play and she came off of a screen and I don’t even think she could see me, but she threw it across the court to the opposite side. She got it to me and I made the three to tie the game and it ended up going to overtime. That was one of our most memorable moments.”

Before that, the sisters often spent time in their driveway playing against each other in basketball games of one-on-one or a three-point shooting contest.

“We were constantly in the driveway playing against each other, almost every day,” Remy said. “We’re both extremely competitive. We always played one-on-one, but we usually didn’t get to finish because I always got ahead and her being the younger sister, she would get mad and go inside.”

Now they are back on the same team. Remy is a starting shooting guard for the Bulldogs while Tiffany comes off the bench as a backup guard.

Truman State got a quality player in Remy, who averaged 8.8 points per game and shot 36 percent from behind the arc and from the field at Division I Omaha. She was the team’s 3-point specialist, knocking down 194 treys in her three years at UNO, the second most in Mavericks’ history. She also broke the school single-game record with 10 3-pointers in a game as a sophomore.

“That was the best game of my career,” Remy said. “It was pretty crazy. I have honestly no idea how that happened. That was a once in a lifetime experience. I felt like I could close my eyes and shoot and it would go in.”

It was moments like that Davenport will never forget as she had many memorable moments in Omaha.

“I was blessed to play there for three years,” Remy said. “I had a great time there and it was a lot of fun on the court and off the court. The biggest thing I took away from playing there was the relationships I made. I was at one of my former teammate’s wedding recently. I still talk to a lot of them.”

Now, she starting a new journey with the Bulldogs and she’s hoping to create more memories with Tiffany. While doing that, perhaps the Davenport sisters can play one-on-one once more.

“We haven’t played against each other in a while,” Remy said. “Maybe in practice one day.”