Kiara Ashurst felt the pressure and admitted her stomach was in knots.

The William Chrisman sophomore was playing Platte County's Lauren Klein at No. 2 singles in the No. 2 flight on Friday afternoon at the William Chrisman Invitational.

The onus was on both players after Platte County's Karlee Chase won her singles match at Santa Fe Trail Park.

The stakes were simple: Platte County needed a win in singles to take the No. 2 flight title. William Chrisman had to win to force a doubles match.

Ashurst delivered with a 7-5 victory with the Bears and then her and Izzy Jaynes picked up 10-4 win in the winner-take-all doubles match. The Bears jumped out to an 8-0 lead and didn't look back facing Chase and Izzy Geddes.

“It was nerve racking (in singles), but my adrenaline was amped up and I was ready to hit the ball,” Ashurst said of the doubles win. “It means so much to me and it means so much to my doubles partner, Izzy Jaynes. It is her senior year. It was the first time we have gotten first place in anything.”

Ashurst went a perfect 8-0 on the day and kept repeating “just win, just win” to herself in the singles match against Klein, who tied the match at 5-5.

The doubles win was the final bump the Bears needed to pick up what was a historic plaque. That gave Chrisman 23 points, topping the Pirates, the defending champions, by two points.

It was the first time Jason Grubb's squad won the title in the three years of the tournament, but the coach noted this is believed to be the first ever title in the program's history.

“Kiara is fantastic,” Grubb said just prior to getting a water jug dumped on him by two of his players “She gets to learn from a lot of amazing players. She isn't close to what she could be. She missed part of last year with a shoulder injuries. These seniors, Katie (Schaefer), Izzy and Ally Cook, they have really helped build the program. Because of them, that is where Kiara gets it from, that is where the two (Tori Gant and Nicole Eppert) that played in the No. 1 flight gets it. Even though the seniors lost a lot when they were young, they kept plugging and now they are starting to get success.”

Chrisman was in the championship matches in all three of the flights.

At No. 1 flight, Gant and Eppert took second behind Hannah Valentine and Jaycie Call. Valentine wrapped up her third straight championship in the event, pulling out a 6-4 win against Gant. Eppert lost 6-2 to Call, meaning no doubles match was needed to determine the winner.

The biggest difference in terms of the standings was the No. 2 flight, where Chrisman played and beat Winnetonka for first. Platte County took third, which ultimately was the difference in the final standings.

Had Chrisman lost that one and Platte County won the third flight, a tiebreaker would have been needed to determine the team championship.

The Bears got wins from Cook and Schaefer in the second flight against the Griffins, eliminating the need for a doubles match to determine an overall winner.

Fort Osage took sixth place with 10 points.