Sarah Franklin, a senior forward for the Truman Patriots, netted four goals to led her team to a 6-1 season-opening win over the Raytown Blue Jays.

There were no thunderstorms to accompany Tuesday’s cold and steady drizzle, but lightning did strike Truman High School.

 No, not in the form of bolts from the clouds, but the quick-strike scoring ability of Sarah Franklin, a senior forward for the Patriots who netted four goals to led her team to a 6-1 season-opening win over the Raytown Blue Jays.

“I wasn’t going to run up the score or anything like that, but Sarah, she probably could have put in five or six if she wanted to,” Truman head coach Bryan Schmitt said. “But, after three (goals), we put her safely in the back.”

Franklin, the all-time leading goal scorer in Truman history, didn’t take long to find the net against the Blue Jays, tallying her first goal less than five minutes into the contest.

After goals by Truman’s Brittney Ahring and Nikki Lucas, Franklin scored again in the 24th minute to put the 1-0 Patriots ahead 4-0.

Franklin added another goal just 56 seconds into the second half and followed her third score with another a minute and a half later to cap the Patriots’ scoring.

“She scores ‘em so quick sometimes – obviously, she’s done this for four years for us,” Schmitt said. “She’s a player that we can’t do without.”

Franklin, The Examiner’s reigning two-time Girls Soccer Player of the Year, said it was a relief to get the first game – and her first goals of the season – out of the way.

“We were – definitely the whole team was nervous, but we’re glad we got the first game out of the way,” she said. “Now we can get into our playing mode.”

Franklin described her goal-scoring prowess against the Blue Jays (0-1) as a by-product of an emotional rush.

“I think it was just adrenaline,” she said. “But, yeah, I was glad to get that first one there.”

Truman’s Lucas added two assists to her one goal and Ahring added an assist to go along with her goal.

“I think we all did a good job – weather permitting,” Lucas said. “It was kind of crazy – there were some fluke shots that maybe shouldn’t have gone in but did go in – mine was one of them. It was a crazy shot. It was actually a cross (pass).

“I think we were all just really excited and ready to play because our first game got canceled. I thought we were all just really excited.”

Schmitt, Franklin and Lucas were all excited about the play of freshmen Amber Young, Shayla Jochum and Sandra Chiles, all who made their varsity debut on Tuesday. Chiles even recorded an assist on Franklin’s second goal.

“We had a lot of freshmen and they really did great for their first game,” Franklin said. “I’m just glad everyone got their jitters out, and we’re definitely ready for the rest of the season. We’re going to continue to get better.”