To the editor:

This is in response to James Everett’s comments about Kamal Saleem’s “lies.”

I get my information from the Quran. They believe in slavery: Surah 24:32, 33; 4:92. The Muslim government of Sudan had thousands of children as slaves.

The Quran is not a “gospel of peace” 2:190, 191.

“The penalty of waging war against Allah and his messenger (Muhammad)... hands and feet will be cut off” 5:33.

“I will cast terror in the hearts of disbelievers” 8:12

“O Prophet, urge the believers to battle... the unbelievers do not understand” 8:65.

“Fight those who do not believe in Allah” 9:29. Christians are disbelievers. “May Allah destroy them” 9:30.

There is a good Muslim organization that is called “Free Muslim Coalition Against Terrorism.”

I don’t want Sharia law in the United States. I want the U.S. Constitution!