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  • Mid-February
    By Lynndanna J. Stematz
    The Write Place Poetry Society
    Against the brisk wind
    Lavina opens both doors to
    Fetch the mail. Her white hair
    Tussles with the gusts.
    Amid junk mail and ads
    Something copiously stands out.
    She comes in, shuts and locks both doors,
    Sets the junk mail aside,
    Turns the strange envelope
    Over several times.
    The return address is tiny, handwritten, and hard to read.
    With care, Lavina opens the pastel envelope…
    Pulls out the card
    In disbelieve. It’s from a friend.
    Her face crinkles into a lovely smile.
    She’s holding a handmade Valentine.
    What If (Meeting an Old Flame)
    By Jan Kroll
    It was a long, long time ago
    And quite a distance away,
    But as your eyes gaze into mine
    It seems – yesterday.
    There were silent dreams in both our hearts,
    We were too shy and young to share.
    But somewhere deep in separate souls
    We each knew the dreams were there.
    There is warmth and closeness in your glance
    We recognize as an old friend.
    It’s like reading the middle of a book
    Missing the beginning and the end.
    My Valentines
    By Alanaya Stematz Breitling
    The Write Place Poetry Society
    I turned my head to see
    The chirper who woke me,
    The blue feathers like
    His dazzling eyes.
    The trees were damp with rain,
    The color of HIS intoxicating eyes.
    I follow the stream up current
    Searching for my loves
    I hear a waterfall –
    Cutting through the brush quickly
    To find a clearing –
    And they were both reclining there – waiting for me…
    My Valentine’s Knights

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