• Stephen Brown: Chiefs evaluating all options

  • The Kansas City Chiefs are big news these days.

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  • The Kansas City Chiefs are big news these days.
    The Chiefs possess the first overall pick in the 2013 NFL Draft, a first for the Chiefs since joining the NFL.
    The NFL Scouting Combine started Wednesday and finishes up Tuesday with the defensive backs.
    Sunday is the fullest day of the combine. Quarterbacks, wide receivers and running backs perform all of their on-field drills, including their positional workouts. The defensive linemen and linebackers will compete in the bench press. The final media interviews of NFL personnel and positional groups take place on Sunday.
    Both Andy Reid and general manager John Dorsey have talked at the combine. No major leaks, but most expected that.
    In addition to looking at college players, NFL teams are posturing for possible trades like Nick Foles (Eagles), Alex Smith (Niners) or Matt Flynn (Seahawks).
    Both Reid and Dorsey have specifically talked about the possibility of trading for the Chiefs next quarterback.
    “We are viewing tape every week and trying to find our guy, this includes rookies and free agents,” Reid said before the combine. “Matt Flynn is always a trading option from the Seahawks and the same applies with Alex Smith, but before we jump the gun we are still scouting rookies and are going to wait until the combine is finished. We already know two great rookies who would fit in with the Chiefs being Tyler Wilson (from) Arkansas and Geno Smith (from) West Virginia. But as I said, right now we are on the fence split between the two.”
    When asked at the combine, Reid said he’s open to a trade with the Chiefs first pick.
    “Yeah, we’re going to evaluate everything,” Reid said. “We’re just not going to give it away, so we’d have to see what people throw our way. It’s a pretty valuable pick I’d say.”
    Dorsey took his turn with the media Friday at the combine.
    “I believe in the best available player philosophy,” Dorsey said.
    “We haven’t finished the final process of evaluations,” Dorsey said when pressed on if that best available might not be a quarterback. “When I made that comment, it was the first phase of evaluations. It is an ongoing situation and at the end, we will see what happens, but it will be the best available player.”
    The best available depends too on if Kansas City finds a way to resign left tackle Branden Albert. With Dorsey viewing Albert as a left tackle, I’m not convinced the Chiefs would still take a Luke Joeckel or Central Michigan’s Eric Fisher if they sign Albert.
    If Kansas City does go for Geno Smith, expect him to play right away.
    Page 2 of 2 - “I think what has happened; the teaching in college has gotten so skilled at the quarterback position,” Dorsey said. “I think last year demonstrated that young kids can come in and actually end up starting in the National Football League. Maybe in years past it took two or three years for that individual to be a starter. I think last year’s class was a very special class but they showed that they can start and be productive.”
    AWKWARD COMBINE MOMENT: The NFL Network hired Scott Pioli to help provide “expert” commentary for the upcoming NFL Draft. Thursday, Reid appeared as a guest talking Chiefs and who Kansas City might take with the first pick.
    Quickly, the question went to quarterback and if that guy was in-house or not.
    What did Pioli say?
    “Don’t be so locked in on the quarterback, there are a whole lot of other good football players out there.”
    “Pioli saying ‘Don’t get locked in on a quarterback’ makes me very happy to know he’s gone and not calling this shot,” said one Chiefs fan.
    Reid got this look, like one of those Jerry Springer moments. I was looking for the backhand.
    “It is an important position,” said Reid, seeming a little perturbed by Pioli’s remark. “I understand what he’s talking about, I got it, but it’s an important position. We’ll go through the process.”
    Reid looked, sounded and came across as the smart one while Pioli laughed and tried to be something he’s not.
    Good day, Chiefs fans!

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