New uniforms, same results.

Despite a share of Blue Springs swimmers sporting new duds, the Wildcats posted the same old results, capturing first place at the Greater Kansas City Classic.

New uniforms, same results.
Despite a share of Blue Springs swimmers sporting new duds, the Wildcats posted the same old results, capturing first place at the Greater Kansas City Classic at Henley Aquatic Center.
The Wildcats won the meet with a score of 376.50 points, outdistancing runner-up Liberty, who finished with 252 points. Lee's Summit North (207.50) placed fifth, Lee's Summit West (149 points) seventh, Blue Springs South (83.50) 11th and Truman (42 points) 13th in a 16-team field.
"I felt good," Blue Springs' Megan Wright said Saturday after finishing second in the 50-yard freestyle. Wright's time of 26.41 seconds, was second only to Springfield Kickapoo's Meredith Swain's 25.74. "I'm excited for state. We'll see (Kickapoo) again."
Wright was one of a few Wildcats who broke out new swimsuits for a test run before the upcoming conference and state swimming meets. She said the outfit - a Fastskin FS-PRO swimsuit - made her feel faster in the pool.
"It just makes you go faster," Wright said of the sharp-looking ensemble. "We'll all have them for conference. This meet was just optional, and I wanted to try it out. It feels like you're flying through the water."
The Wildcats' Ibby Simcox dominated a tough field in the 100 butterfly with a time of 59.59 seconds. Her closest competitor was Kickapoo's Swain, who finished second in a time of 1:02.28.
Simcox said she left her new swimsuit in its original package.
"I'm not going to break mine out until state," said Simcox, who also placed second in the 200 individual medley in 2 minutes, 11.64 seconds. "I felt good, but I didn't win the IM like I wanted to, so I wanted to come out here (in the 100 butterfly) and do as good as I can.
"This is a good indication of how it's going to be at state and we're all doing really good."
Truman's Kara Schoneboom finished fifth in the 100 butterfly and fourth in the 200 freestyle won by Blue Springs' Shelby Bolin in 1:59.77. Schoneboom's time of 2:02.12 in the 200 was a half-second faster than her season's best.
"I came in feeling pretty strong from (Friday's preliminaries)," Schoneboom said after the 100 butterfly, an event in which she has already qualified for state. "I feel good because I'm swimming against people today (that) I'm going to be swimming with at state. It's good knowing your competition.
"I actually dropped like a second-and-a half in the 200-free, so I'm good."
Truman coach Trevor Tomney was ecstatic about Schoneboom's drop in time and said he was impressed with Simcox's swim in the 100.
"Kara has done a really good job today," Tomney said. "She's looking to be top-16 this year at state in the 200 free and hopefully she'll get there in the butterfly, too. She dropped like a second-and-half in the 200 and got one of her best times. That's a really good swim."
As far as Simcox's win in the 100 fly, Tomney said: "Simcox is awesome. She's good."
Lee Summit North's Lisa Menne went toe-to-toe with Bolin in the 200 freestyle, placing second in 2:00.85.
"She's a strong swimmer," Menne said of the Division-I bound Bolin. "She does the 200 and the 500 free, so she just has that distance down, but I thought I did pretty well coming in second."
Menne more than held her own in the 100 freestyle, taking first place in a time of 54.91.
"I felt really confident about this," Menne said of her win. "I don't know why, but my muscles are like relaxed and I felt really good to swim today."
Blue Springs South's Rachel Honig placed seventh in the 50 freestyle with a time of 27.14. Jaguars head coach Errich Oberlander said Honig's performance was strong.
"What's really impressive about Rachel is that she's had kind of a bad weekend," Oberlander said. "She got punched in the nose in warmups, so she was in some pain. We've had a really tough week of training, so her coming back and swimming well this weekend was really, really impressive."

At Henley Aquatic Center
Saturday’s Finals
Team scores: 1. Blue Springs, 376.5; 2. Liberty, 252; 3. Notre Dame de Sion, 231; 4. Springfield Kickapoo, 216; 5. Lee’s Summit North, 207.5; 6. Columbia Hickman, 167; 7. Lee’s Summit West, 149; 8. Staley, 147; 9. St. Teresa’s Academy, 142; 10. Pembroke Hill, 115; 11. Blue Springs South, 83.5; 12. Columbia Rock Bridge, 68; 13. Truman, 42; 14. Notre Dame de Sion B, 39; 15. Oak Park, 34.5; 16. Liberty B, 18.
Winners and area finishers (top eight in finals, Nos. 9-16 in consolation finals, Nos. 17-24 in C finals):
200-yard medley relay: 1. Blue Springs, 1:54.97; 5. Lee’s Summit West, 1:58.95; 8. Lee’s Summit North, 2:06.60; 11. Blue Springs South, 2:07.40; 13. Truman, 2:16.54.
200 freestyle: 1. Shelby Bolin, BS, 1:59.77; 2. Lisa Menne, LSN, 2:00.85; 4. Kara Schoneboom, T, 2:02.12; 8. Anna Juarez, BS, 2:08.12; 13. Liz Oles, BS, 2:09.87; 15. Alyson Raymond, LSW, 2:12.04; 17. Morgan Connors, BSS, 2:09.93; 20. Maria Juarez, BS, 2:14.13; 21. Karlee Benefiel, LSN, 2:14.17; 23. Lyndsey Sherrow, LSW, 2:19.10; 24. Emily Argotsinger, LSW, 2:26.92.
200 individual medley: 1. Nathalia Mello, CH, 2:10.77; 2. Ibby Simcox, BS, 2:11.64; 3. Jean Madison, LSW, 2:16.01; 7. Hanna Kleiboeker, LSN, 2:23.59; 10. Bryonna Lewis, BS, 2:24.14; 11. Felicia Bender, LSN, 2:25.94; 14. Marin Durkin, BSS, 2:30.22; 16. Kylie Cates, LSN, 2:31.74; 18. Katey Stoetzel, LSW, 2:31.68; 19. Anna Lee, LSN, 2:32.30; 24. Cathryn Cole, LSW, 2:41.64.
50 freestyle: 1. Merideth Swain, SK, 25.74; 2. Megan Wright, BS, 26.41; 6. Kylie Cates, LSN, 26.76; 7. Rachel Honig, BSS, 27.14; 10. (tie) Alex Wilson, BS, and Anna Lajoie, BSS, 27.27; 13. Brittany Kallenberger, LSW, 27.92; 23. Joselyn Ferguson, LSW, 28.64; 24. Libby Pike, LSW, 28.70.
100 butterfly: 1. Ibby Simcox, BS, 59.59; 5. Kara Schoneboom, T, 1:03.75; 6. Felicia Bender, LSN, 1:04.37; 7. Alyson Raymond, LSW, 1:04.60; 8. Abby Stanley, BS, 1:05.72; 10. Anna Lee, LSN, 1:05.23; 15. Katey Stoetzel, LSW, 1:07.86; 17. Karlee Benefiel, LSN, 1:09.34; 18. Taylor Johnson, LSN, 1:10.67; 22. Katie Buckner, BS, 1:12.35.
100 freestyle: 1. Lisa Menne, LSN, 54.91; 5. Megan Wright, BS, 57.93; 7. Kristen Parrsons, BS, 58.33; 11. Alex Wilson, BS, 59.63; 13. Morgan Connors, BSS, 1:00.30; 17. Rachel Honig, BSS, 1:00.55.
500 freestyle: 1. Shelby Bolin, BS, 5:16.83; 6. Hanna Kleiboeker, LSN, 5:37.30; 7. Bryonna Lewis, BS, 5:44.36; 8. Anna Juarez, BS, 5:51.90; 18. Rachel Embree, BS, 6:11.85; 19. Emily Argotsinger, LSW, 6:12.98; 20. Cathryn Cole, LSW, 6:13.92; 21. Caroline McKee, LSW, 6:19.07; 22. Ellie Sennef, LSN, 6:24.36.
200 freestyle relay: 1. Kickapoo, 1:45.14; 2. Blue Springs, 1:45.23; 3. (tie) Lee’s Summit North, 1:45.36; 8. Lee’s Summit West, 1:53.44; 10. Blue Springs South, 1:50.72; 15. Truman, 2:04.18.
100 backstroke: 1. Emma Mrkonic, PH, 1:02.78; 4. Abby Stanley, BS, 1:03.53; 5. Lyndsey Sherrow, LSW, 1:03.61; 10. Katey Carlton, LSN, 1:09.15; 11. Liz Oles, BS, 1:09.26; 13. Libby Pike, LSW, 1:11.19; 14. Payton Branch, BSS, 1:12.10; 17. Haley Sparks, BSS, 1:12.12; 20. Marin Durkin, BSS, 1:12.54; 22. Allyssa Kays, BSS, 1:14.05; 24. Katie Buckner, BS, 1:17.90.
100 breaststroke: 1. Nathalia Mello, CH, 1:08.99; 2. Jean Madison, LSW, 1:09.73; 7. Maria Juarez, BS, 1:15.86; 14. Kristen Parsons, BS, 1:18.89; 20. Alexis Kulash, BSS, 1:19.57; 21. Bailey Mullins, BS, 1:19.57.
400 freestyle relay: 1. Blue Springs, 3:46.31; 4. Lee’s Summit North, 3:52.72; 5. Lee’s Summit West, 3:59.27; 10. Blue Springs South, 4:03.87.