There isn’t usually much to get excited about in a blowout.

There isn’t usually much to get excited about in a blowout.

Unless two of the most talented wrestlers in the area step to the center of the ring to prove who’s best.

Blue Springs South’s Austin Eads and Blue Springs’ Greg Hegarty infused some excitement in a dual that was dominated by the Wildcats 60-9.

Hegarty and Eads are two of the most talented 135-pounders in the area and the state.

So, it was no surprise their match turned into a 7-5 thriller with Hegarty getting his hand raised in the end.

However, it was Eads who held the early advantage.

Eads scored first in the second period with a one-point escape after starting the period down. He then took Hegarty down to jump out to a 3-0 lead. Hegarty escaped and tied the score with a takedown of his own.

Eads finished the period with an escape to regain the lead.

Hegarty chose down in the third period, gaining a point when Eads was called a second time for stalling. Hegarty then gained an escape to take the lead.

He sealed the deal with another takedown, holding Eads down until the final seconds when he escaped.

Although the match had little to do with the outcome of the dual, it made a world of difference for the wrestlers themselves.

The winner will now likely receive the No. 1 seed at districts.

“That was kind of a marquee match for us tonight,” Blue Springs coach Mike Hagerty said. “We wanted to win that one, because it has big seeding implications at the district tournament.”

It was plain to see just how bad Hegarty and Eads wanted it as the match got chippy at times. Hegarty said there were no hard feelings.

“We were like practice partners in little league,” Hegarty said. “It’s kind of like we’re friends off the mat, but when we’re on the mat we’re not.

“Both of us kind of lost our cool a little bit, but we got it together.”

Hegarty said the win will definitely help in his bid to return to state. However, he said he didn’t want to be the weakness in the Wildcats’ armor even if facing the Jaguars’ best weapon.

“Eads is definitely their best wrestler,” Hegarty said. “He was probably coming out to get me. I had a little pressure on me.”

Another close match came between Blue Springs’ Jamie Foutz and South’s Aaron Dougherty.

The match was a stalemate as neither wrestler could find an advantage. The only points came from escapes as they finished regulation tied at 1. The stalemate continued through the first overtime period.

The second overtime consists of two parts. Each wrestler gets an opportunity to start from the down position as their opponent tries to ride the time out on the 30-second period.

Dougherty was down first and Foutz held on to keep Dougherty from scoring. Foutz was down next, and Dougherty elected to let Foutz up for a one-point escape. Dougherty had to get a takedown to win, but was unable to do so handing Foutz the 2-1 victory.

“I guess sometimes you just win the ones that you can that aren’t going to be pretty,” Hagerty said. “Jamie’s a little limited on the tools that he brings out there. I think he just wanted it.”

Hagerty said Foutz wanted it well before the extensive match even started.

“He’s the one that came to me today and said he wanted that match,” Hagerty said. “I was real proud of him for stepping up and going out there and doing what he did.”

The Jaguars wouldn’t go empty handed. Zach Storey earned the only win for South, a 6-2 decision against Eric Hicks. Storey had firm control of the entire match getting a takedown in the first and a reversal in the second. Hicks took Storey down in the third, but not until he was penalized a point for stalling. Storey escaped again for the final score.

South coach Doug Black said he was happy with the way his team performed despite having four open weights and facing the top team in the state.

“I’m really proud of how our kids came out and battled tonight,” Black said. “We’ve been preaching that from Day One. We’re kind of beat up right now, maybe undermanned a little bit, but I told the kids to go out and battle.”

Heading into the rivalry match against a district and conference opponent, Black knew beating the Wildcats would be a tall order, especially for a worn down team with four open weights.

“They’re definitely wrestling well right now,” Black said. “You’ve got to give them credit. They’re ranked No. 1 for that particular reason.”

On the other side of the mat, Hagerty wanted to make sure that No. 1 ranking didn’t go the the Wildcats’ head.

They were the clear favorite heading into the dual, which Hagerty said makes him leary.

“Honestly, I think in matches like this, as coaches, we’ve got to be intense,” Hagerty said. “I think it’s easy to come into a match like this and not bring your entire game in. I’m always concerned with that.”

It concerned him even more when the Wildcats stepped on the mats for warmups. That’s why in a match the Wildcats were dominating, Hagerty said he and his coaches showed a little more fire than normal.

“I’m not sure that our focus was where it needed to be in our warmups,” Hagerty said. “I kind of felt like we needed to light some fire tonight. I felt our coaches were a little more intense to try and bring that level up in our matches.”