To the editor:

On Oct. 18 The New York Times did a hit piece on Cindy McCain “as part of a series of articles about the lives and careers of the Republican and Democratic candidates for president in 2008.”

Apparently the New York Times considers Cindy McCain a “candidate for president in 2008” by virtue of her marriage to John McCain. Under that “logic” wouldn’t Michelle Obama and Jill Biden be considered candidates and good material for front-page articles discussing their personal lives, including miscarriages, strokes and other personal medical information?

 Mrs. McCain is accused of turning her childhood home into a “shrine to her husband” because she hung photos of the “storied McCain military clan and her husband clasping hands with Republican presidents.” As if that is not bad enough “elephants adorned the wallpaper in one bathroom and a pot rack in the kitchen. In the master suite, she installed a fireplace carved with ‘MC, for McCain.” How dare she be so ... so ... what is she being? What are they accusing her of? Decorating not to their tastes? Does that not include most of our homes? Can the New York Times actually be concerned that we hang photos of our family members in our homes?

The only question in my mind is why doesn’t Mrs. McCain tell The New York Times and the rest of the media to go to hell and go home and enjoy her life. Who needs any of that? Probably most of us could not survive in the world of politics and this proves it. Sunday on a news program, John McCain was asked about his response to this and simply responded that he would not read it and had told his wife to not read it. That takes more courage that most of us have.