To the editor:

The other day I was verbally assaulted by my own radio. It was no other than our “Honorable” Sam Graves.

First I cannot believe any radio station would play a spot that could be considered bordering libel. It is beyond my imagination that the representative supposed to be caring for our state in Washington would say he approved this message. He either thinks his constituents are so simple-minded that we cannot see past this nonsense or he must be the simple-minded one. In one 15-second spot, he lost my vote.

Please join me and go to his Web site – – and tell him this kind of campaigning will not be tolerated in our great state. We will not allow him to flush this election down the septic tank. We will walk the high road without him.

Kay Barnes has changed the path of downtown Kansas City and if you haven’t seen the revitalization, it is worth the trip. That is the kind of  leadership we need to represent our district of Missouri.